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After spending the last month in 9 different countries experiencing the world to the fullest I can share with you that there is 100% a different “way of life” that occurs in all the different regions of the world… From time to time I will hear friends tell me that the “pace of life” is […]

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6 June 2012

I only have one question… How bad do you want ______(it)? What ever it is that you want in life… The message you want to share with the world, the accomplishment you are after, the experience you desire…etc. How bad you want it? Are you willing to do what it takes? This man was… Thoughts […]

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16 April 2012

Are you LIVING LIFE FULL OUT!?!? Are you living on the edge? Striving to turn your dreams into reality? Really going for it?? Or are you “Playing it safe” , “trying to be responsible” and just doing your best to survive?? I just saw this great video of what 2 guys were able to accomplish […]

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11 April 2012

WOW!!! Just saw another AWESOME video on (Yes, you guessed it) Ted.com It was a Ted Talk from William Kamkwamba sharing how he was able to fully utilize all that he found to create … well you’ll see… Enjoy Thoughts to consider: 1. Are you fully utilizing all of the resources that you have access […]

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10 April 2012

People reach out to me all the time asking me for tips and insights on how to get started being a “Professional Speaker” or a “Professional Business/Life Coach”… When I get these e-mails I always cringe because I know the intent behind what these people are trying to do is (usually) good… its just that […]

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6 April 2012

The 30 day TED.com challenge continues! I came across an AMAZING Ted Talk today! This one literally takes all that I have learned over the past 27 years and gives you an simple strategy to produce some profound results in your life in just 12 min! Would you like to learn a simple strategy that […]

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2 April 2012
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