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1 December 2015

3 Powerful Steps To Help You Get Over Past Pain…

Jairek Robbins

what we resist persists and grow strong quoteImagine you are strolling down the street on a beautiful sunny day, enjoying the cool breeze, soaking in some sunrays…


Unsure of what happened, but all of a sudden you find yourself lost in emotion, cycling through all of the pain, frustration, anxiousness…etc. only to realize that you were actually just daydreaming about a painful memory?


It is amazing how easily you can be sucked back into a painful experience. It seems like you could be walking down the street and just by the way someone looks at you, you are instantly kicked back to the time you got yelled at by your boss, got into a fight with your spouse or just had a horrible day.


Then without realizing it, you follow the white rabbit straight down the hole into a flurry of emotions. A few minutes later, you realize that you are still standing on the street corner and only have 10 seconds left to sprint to the other side before the big red hand tells you to wait till the next round.


Today, we are going to focus on 3 simple steps to ensure that this does not happen to you again!

I want to equip you with a simple strategy that can help you ensure that those past emotions never cloud your thinking again.The goal is to help you own those past experiences instead of allowing them to own you.

Tune in for todays episode of JRCtv and enjoy learning 3 simple steps that can help you free yourself from past pain…

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