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Welcome to the OFFICIAL medal ceremony from the 2011 Rock’n’Roll marathon!! YouTube Video Again I just wanted to take a moment and THANK all of you who decided to support me and JustLikeMyChild.org in the San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon! Here is a bit more about the organization… ******** SIDE NOTE ******** Make sure to read […]

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7 June 2011

YouTube Video Sooo…. what bridges in your life are the ones to burn!? Well here are my thoughts… 1. Take a moment and comb through all of the MAJOR commitments currently in your life… 2. Gage 0-10 the level of commitment you had when you first started… 3. Gage 0-10 the CURRENT level of commitment […]

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14 May 2011

YouTube Video As mentioned in the video this machine is INCREDIBLE!! If you are in San Diego go to www.successwellnesssd.com and check out the “Bio-Density” machine. I watched the stats of my dad using this machine for only 5 seconds per week (on his leg-press, 20 seconds total for the 4 different exercises) and over […]

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4 May 2011

YouTube Video After watching the video, consider the following… What if for the next 7-10 days you made it your personal goal to LET GO and experience the beauty of your life!! Yes, I mean stop resisting, fearing, doubting, fighting against all the “things, events, people” in your life and start to finally actually enjoy […]

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14 April 2011

YouTube Video Who ever said #’s cannot hurt you was WRONG! There are 3 set’s of digits that you ABSOLUTELY want to know. Especially when it comes to PEAK PERFORMANCE. So what are these “Vital Numbers”? Before I share with you the simple formula to define your personal numbers. Let me give you some insight […]

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12 April 2011

YouTube Video YES! You heard me right! The reason most people cannot loose the extra fat They keep trying to loose is because they are not eating enough fat (the good kind). **REMEMBER** we talked yesterday about our body being “built to survive” by conserving and retaining as much nutrients it feels that it needs […]

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8 April 2011
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