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19 January 2016

This Is How You Protect Your (Ass)ets & Business

Jairek Robbins

“You’re a SITTING DUCK!” I was told by an uber credible lawyer upon sharing with him how my business was setup in year 1.


7 years later, I’m in a much better, safer, stronger and strategic position to protect my family, our assets, and our business.


My question for you is how protected (or unprotected) are you?

Check out this amazing interview below with Rachel Rodgers of Rodgers Collective


[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/Co5Ev5qsnbs” width=”540″]

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Did you know:

For service providers (accountants, coaches, etc), 90% of the legal liability you have is related to _________.


The two people most likely to sue you are __________  & ________.


What’s the difference between a LLC and S-Corp?


Did you know that the common agreement  ________ is the hottest topic in law these days?


These are just a FEW areas of business law that I was unaware of before speaking with Rachel.


Luckily, I had one of the best attorneys sit me down and tell me “You’re a SITTING DUCK!!” Those words alone made me realize, if I was going to grow my business, I needed to start taking legal protection seriously.


So, as the first session of our Performance Coach Training program has come to an end, I wanted to share with you one of our featured experts, she is an all round legal badass. Rachel Rodgers is the creator of Small Business Bodyguard and helped us wrap up the course to make sure everything our coaches have worked so hard for is protected. .


After the kick ass training she did for our PCU students, I immediately knew I couldn’t contain her talent and legal smarts to PCU students alone, so I sat down with Rachel for this JRCtv episode to discuss the biggest obstacles small business owners run into these days. This includes content (audio/video/brand), creating and selling e-books, copyright registration, and trademarks.


It’s a power packed episode, loaded with fascinating stories and excellent legal advice for small business owners. You’ll lear how to protect everything from your blog, to your tagline, to your four-legged best friend.


Hope you enjoy this episode!

To you success,



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