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10 December 2015

What Do You Stand For?

Jairek Robbins


THE_MEANING_OF_LIFE_QUOTE_PURPOSE_OF_LIFE_QUOTE_INSPIRATIONAL_QUOTE_PICASSO_QUOTE_JRCTVFootball practice had just ended, we were all waiting around for a ride home and all of a sudden a couple of guys started getting into it. First yelling back and forth and then shoving each other. Eventually it ended up being a grappling match on the ground with a few others jumping in and picking sides.


There was a moment when it all started that I could have said something. I could have gone over when it was getting heated and calmed them both down. But for some reason the voice in my head said “it isn’t your fight, just leave it alone”.


I remember going home that afternoon with a strange gut feeling. Now that same little voice in my head kept repeating “why didn’t you do something…”.


It’s strange how these moments in life unfold. This was years ago but for some reason it still pops into my head from time to time. Do you have any moments like this in your life?


Times when you felt like you should have stood up for what was right in that moment… but for some reason just stood back and watched a moment unfold that you know you could have, or should have done something about?


Well today we are going to be focused on helping you define what you are willing to STAND FOR in life.


Tune in and redefine your standards…


[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/Egcy2C7x5AU” width=”550″ height=”330″]

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Make sure to grab a copy of todays download and take a few minutes to define what you are going to stand for in all of the “major” (we focus on these areas in depth in our Bestselling book LIVE IT! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose) areas of your life!


Also, if you want us to help hold you accountable as a community, leave your response in the comments section as your personal declaration to STAND UP for what you believe in 100% from this day forward!


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To your success,

Jairek Robbins


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