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As a leader, you’re constantly faced with opportunities to set the tone for your team. You may be tempted to jump on problems or take action before thinking of the consequences, but this is unwise. If you want to remain credible and willing to lead, you must be disciplined about your approach. Here are three […]

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30 November 2021

How would you run your business if 100% of your future growth depended on referrals? I bet it would be a lot different. If you were dependent on referrals, I am sure you would make every client experience stellar and hope they rave about your work to their friends and family. Key Concept: If referrals […]

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27 November 2021
Three Ways to Find More Free Time Each Week

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter F. Drucker We all know that feeling: You start the day with so much energy and intention! But as the hours go by, time seems to run away from you. The more you try to catch it, the faster it runs. […]

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9 November 2021

What do you choose to prioritize?  We just finished three 12+ hour days of board meetings with the companies we serve as board members. It was intense + insightful to hear all the different challenges the companies face and all the creative ways the CEOs came up with to solve them.  ***Three days earlier*** We were […]

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27 September 2021
Busy vs productive

In the world we live in today, we often find ourselves saying we are too busy to do this or too busy to make time for that. This busyness craze is now seen as a norm, and you may often feel guilty when you catch yourself “doing nothing.” What we need to be paying attention […]

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21 September 2021

This is the 5th episode in a 9-part series exploring the answers I got when I asked several clients of mine about the one thing which made them grow their business to its first million dollars in annual profit.  The client featured in this fifth episode had this to say, “If I had to narrow […]

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7 September 2021
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