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5 January 2016

How To Get What You Want From Life

Jairek Robbins


72909548210896.fsd1N5fSdmQveSWiNSip_height640How Does The Environment Around You Effect You?

So often we find ourselves transitioning from place to place without actually taking a moment to figure out what we need, want and desire for where we are and where we are headed.

Have you ever had that moment where you sat down for a meeting and realized that you didn’t bring that healthy lunch or snack you wanted?

What happened… most often you ended up settling for what ever you could get your hands on (which 100% messed up your nutrition plan). OR you let your blood sugar drop so low that you became HANGRY (happens to the best of us).

Or did you start working on that BIG project (like writing your first book) and once it was published realized that your desire of selling 1,000,000 + copies are now just a dream because someone forgot to work on the marketing plan??

Taking time to strategize on what you NEED, what you WANT and what you DEISRE most out of the different places you go and projects you work on and relationships you are a part of, is one of the quickest ways we can ensure that you make 2016 the BEST year you’ve had thus far!

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Also, if you have not yet set your 2016 goals make sure to check out the podcast we did yesterday on the topic — 2016 Goal Setting Workshop & Podcast

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