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22 February 2016

Asking vs Demanding The Best Way To Achieve Your Goals…

Jairek Robbins



hope is a beggar jim carrey quoteEven with the best intentions, many great people land up sitting around hoping and waiting for life to toss them a chance for their dreams to come true.


They wait for days, weeks, years and even decades for just the right time, situation, person, opportunity…etc. to show up and hope that when that moment occurs that everything will finally work out.


The challenge is that they have a good intention that is worth believing in and many times one that will also land up serving others around them in an amazing way. If it would just work out, ugh.


The intention is so good that it makes them feel important talking about it with friends and family (who generally support it). This fuels their fire and desire to continue hoping and waiting.


They meditate on it and decorate their dream boards with images that represent how it’s going to turn out. They even begin to visualize how it’s going to feel once they have achieved it. All great things.


The bigger challenge is that they leave out one CRUCIAL part. The ability to demand consistent, daily, focused ACTION from themselves.


This one trait becomes the make or break factor in a person being able to turn a vision into reality and “manifest” their dreams and goals.


Todays topic is simple… What action(s) do you need to demand of yourself daily in order to achieve the results that you are after?



At some point in the future you are going to need to learn how to fall in love with these actions and enjoy the process as well. We talk about this in our bestselling book LIVE IT! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose.


Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” – Tony Robbins


For now, focus on the action(s) that you need to start taking daily to get the results you are after.


Once you’ve written out your action plan, ask yourself “Would I be willing to bet my entire families future on this plan?”


If so, high five.


If not, what would you need to update on this plan for you to have 100% certainty that it will work.


If you are not sure where to start, go find someone who has achieved the results you are after and ask them what steps they took to make it happen.


To your success,



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