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Today’s topic is 10 things to make time for in 2020, so let’s dive right in! 1. Make More Time for Love Since it is Valentines’, it is only natural that we recommend that you make more time for love in 2020. When I say love, what does that mean? It means taking time to […]

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6 April 2020

Before I announce today’s topic, I want to ask; how many of you have something in your life or business, or health or relationship or finances or maybe your spiritual life that you would like to change? How many of you have something you want to achieve this year that might be beyond what you […]

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30 March 2020

I’m glad that you are here, I’m excited to have this talk today! The reason why I want to have this chat is because I’ve recently had a bunch of people messaging me. These people were in a peculiar position, a stressful moment of life in which they are stuck. More specifically, they are stuck […]

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23 March 2020

Ready to make an impact on people’s lives through speaking? Today’s topic is “10 tips on how to become a motivational speaker,” so let’s dive right in! 1. Fall in Love With What Your Audience Needs Vs. Your Own Story So often, I run across people and they say, “I love to figure out how […]

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16 March 2020

Today’s topic is “10 truths about love and business,” so let’s dive right in! 1. If You Don’t Cherish What You Have, It Will Soon Be Gone That is something serious to think about. If you are in love or in a relationship and you don’t cherish; and I’m not talking about like or put […]

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9 March 2020

Today’s topic is something I was talking to a couple of clients about yesterday. We spend a lot of time on tactical and strategic as well as things that are immediately implementable in our health, business or relationships, and every now and then we venture into things that are beyond the strategic or tactical level […]

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2 March 2020
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