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Today, we are inundated with so much information from a huge variety of sources. Sadly, not all that information is real or correct, and it is becoming increasingly harder to tell real information from fake information. Jairek Robbins sat down with Alex Ruani (PhD), an expert who has been helping professionals to cut through all […]

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22 September 2020

Michelle Zelli came from an abusive background and suffered until about 20 years ago when her own personal development journey started. While working with one of her coaches, she learned about boundaries and up until that time, she didn’t even know what boundaries were! Today, she speaks and coaches about the importance of having boundaries. […]

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15 September 2020

Nearly everything we know about motivation is incorrect. This is a startling statement if you are a team leader, business owner or in any position of leadership where you are required to keep people motivated. If you want to inspire people to reach the peak of their performance, extrinsic rewards (such as performance bonuses) may […]

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8 September 2020

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you uttered the statement above and you were later proved to be right about your misgivings? Malcom Gladwell, a psychotherapist, wrote the book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” to explain why the seemingly irrational snap judgments that we make aren’t so irrational and they are the product of complex mental processes.

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24 August 2020

We, humans, are susceptible to a variety of cognitive biases and they affect how we look at the world around us. Especially in these times with so much access to conflicting information, it is important that we sharpen our logical thinking. This includes becoming aware of our biases and how they affect our thinking and […]

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18 August 2020

Annie Duke, a poker champion and business consultant, teaches people to become comfortable with uncertainty and make better decisions even if they don’t have all the facts.  In this summary, we look at some of the most important concepts that Annie Duke shares in her book. These concepts will help you to learn how to […]

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10 August 2020
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