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The topic today is values, that is, answering the question “What is most important to you?” As you think about that question, identify what is that one thing that is most important to you. Do you think that what is most important to you, such as peace of mind or family, makes you approach life […]

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27 January 2020

Here is my question for you; how many of you have ever struggled getting started with something? Meaning, you want to do something, you have a vague kind of plan of how you are going to get there, but you find it hard getting off the ground. You know what you want long-term, but in […]

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21 October 2019

Our topic today is focused on thinking about the three things that influence our habits the most. Let me quickly tell you how important our habits are. There was a recent study done at Duke University, it showed that 60 percent of what we do on a daily basis is nothing more than an unconscious […]

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14 October 2019

On this day, I would like to talk about how you can squeeze the most out of each moment you have. There are four sections to think about here. This is a training I did for a company a couple of days ago. This lesson is going to be a short and quick one, and […]

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7 October 2019

Today’s topic is meditation. How many of you meditate, and how often do you meditate? That is my big question for today. For those who aren’t meditators, hopefully, today we’re going to discuss why it is important and why you should get started. If you are a regular meditator, you might want to share this […]

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30 September 2019

If you want to have a healthy relationship with another human out there, there is something that you need to understand, and I am going to ask you to share this with every human you know because for some reason at this point in history, based on the internet and all these cool sites, there’s […]

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23 September 2019
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