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How to Debate Productively at Work

As a business owner or manager, you are in charge of employees or team members with different personalities, different backgrounds, different experiences and different communication styles or viewpoints. In such a setting, it is easy for opinions to differ strongly, and disagreements can arise. In order to tap each person’s views for the benefit of […]

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31 January 2023
5 Critical Aspects of Company Culture You Must Get Right

Company Culture: 5 Critical Aspects of Company Culture You Must Get Right   As a business owner, you may be concerned about how there is upward pressure on wages, as well as how it may be getting harder to attract and retain top talent. The “Great Resignation” is truly underway and many companies are struggling […]

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24 January 2023
How to Give Effective Feedback When You’re in a Hurry

Company Culture: How to Give Effective Feedback When You’re in a Hurry   In today’s challenging and fast-paced business landscape, it is becoming increasingly harder for managers and leaders to give effective feedback due to the many competing priorities on their radar.   However, providing effective feedback is one of the keys to improving performance […]

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17 January 2023
critical habits for busy people

Busy? Focus on These 3 Critical Habits   As a business owner, you may have looked forward to the post-Covid period when you would get things back on track and move your business forward. However, even before the dust on the pandemic could settle, inflation shot through the roof, and the monetary tightening (aka interest […]

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9 January 2023

According to the World Economic Forum, nearly 50% of all Americans think artificial intelligence and robots will, in the coming 50 years, probably do the work currently done by humans, while about 10% think this will definitely happen. Are you one of these people who think robots as well as computers will render you unemployed? […]

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13 December 2022

The countdown to the end of the year is on, and many sales and marketing teams are slowing down as everyone’s mind shifts to the holidays. But, is this the right way to go, especially during these difficult economic times? We think now is the time to double down on B2B lead generation, and here […]

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6 December 2022
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