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Many businesses that are started struggle through the initial stages, grow and enjoy some success, and then fade into oblivion as new competitors emerge and sweep them in the dust. However, some businesses maintain their position at the top not just for years but for decades. What causes this difference so that some firms appear […]

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10 May 2022

Emotional intelligence ranks very high among the crucial determinants of our success and it is important that we actively strive to improve our EQ. This is because our emotions are the hardest things to control, and yet they control our thoughts as well as our behaviors. We discuss below some actionable habits which are guaranteed […]

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3 May 2022

You are excited that you finally have a chance to bring your brilliant business idea to life. You have a plan detailing the product or service, and you even have an idea about the ideal location for your new business. But wait a minute; what will you call your brand? The challenge of creating a […]

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1 March 2022

One of the biggest hurdles that people who wish to start their own businesses face is developing the necessary mindset to build and sustain a viable business. An entrepreneurial mindset is often the key factor to predict whether a business will survive or struggle. In this post, we focus on what an entrepreneurial mindset is […]

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22 February 2022

Are you finally ready to launch your e-commerce business, or are you still unsure whether there are additional preparations you need to undertake before the launch? As they say, hindsight is 20/20 vision, so we have compiled for you some lessons many online sellers wish they knew before they started those businesses. Learn from these […]

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15 February 2022

The world of business has always been fluid, but fluid doesn’t even come close to describing what has happened to the business landscape in the past two years. Upheaval is more like it. Because of the disruptions triggered by the pandemic, many businesses are considering pivoting in order to not only survive but also thrive […]

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1 February 2022
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