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20 October 2015

Easily Distracted? 3 Powerful Questions to Help You Stay Focused

Jairek Robbins


Today we are focused on the three most common distractions that continuously show up in your life, in your business, your health, your relationships, finances, in your family…etc.


Whatever those distractions are, I want you to download today’s worksheet and identify three distractions that consistently, rhythmically show up in your life. I want you to then identify why do you consistently allow them to show up in your world.


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[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/C7-w5njkoVs” width=”540″]


Regardless of where they come from why do you allow them to sneak in? Also why do you allow it to happen so often?


What needs does it helping you meet mentally, emotionally, or physically? What void is it helping you fill? Is it helping you avoid something? If so, what specifically? and why are you trying to avoid it?


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What are you trying to avoid so bad that you are allowing all these little distractions leak in? What would happen if you just got rid of the distractions and finally stepped up and handled the situation??


You know where I am going with this. So download the worksheet and take a moment to identify your three most common distractions. Identify how they are currently slowing you down or limiting you in any way. And third, come up in a way that you can overcome these distractions and no longer allow them to sneak into your life in any way, shape or form!!


Quick and simple episode, download the worksheet, identify the distractions and get them out of your life. Have fun with this and see you next week for another episode of JRCTv.


To Your Success,





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