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10 November 2015

The School of Greatness – How To Live Bigger, Love Deeper, Leave a Legacy w/ Lewis Howes

Jairek Robbins


lewis howes quote school of greatness quote success quoteToday we have TWO special guests on JRCtv that I know you’ll love.


First up: He’s the founder of the insanely popular podcast “The School of Greatness”  and  just came out with a new book “The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide To Living Your Dreams, Making An Impact, And Leaving a Lasting Legacy” which instantly became a NYT best seller.

I highly recommend picking up a copy!


Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Lewis Howes!!


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Sitting down with Lewis to talk about The School of Greatness podcast & book was incredible interview. You’ll love that it’s loaded with great nuggets of information and tools to help you tap into your greatness.


After hundreds of interviews with world famous talent including athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs, Lewis has captured the best of the best life lessons to help you become more successful in all areas of life.


Our bonus interview is coming to you via audio and it’s excellent!


I had the pleasure to sit down with an amazing man by the name of Dan Brule to talk about the fundamentals of great health: Breath. Tune in here to learn about how every breathe you take can dramatically increase your mood, improve your sleep patterns, and boost your immune system while decreasing stress hormones in your body.



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Hope you enjoy mastery of greatness and breath today. Look forward to hearing what you loved and learned  from today’s two great interviews with Lewis Howes & Dan Brule. Leave a note in the comments below and be sure to pay it forward by sharing this message with anyone who you think needs it.


To your success,
Jairek Robbins

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