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22 June 2021

What to GROW in Your Business and What NOT TO GROW

Jairek Robbins

For the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with small businesses from around the world and the common statement one hears is that they want to grow their business. In most cases, we put all our hopes and dreams in our businesses, but unfortunately, it also comes with some unexpected things or pain points.

For example, as you grow your business, you could end up needing more legal paperwork, having more customer complaints or higher overhead/expenses. No one sets out to get more of these, but it happens. 

Instead, people say they want more revenue, more happy paying clients, and huge net profit. It wouldn’t be fun to bring in $100 million in revenue but then you get to keep only $100,000 in profit, would it? People also say they would like more free time which they can spend with family, doing charitable work, and so on.


What if you could only get more revenue and more profit and no free time? Today, we hear a lot of the concept of grinding or hustling in which you are working and working. Conversely, you may have a lot of revenue and a lot of free time but no profit. This is what is called growing BIG but not getting RICH. That stings quite a bit. 

I have a client I was working with. Their company was bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and they only got to keep a few millions as profit. Many people would say they wouldn’t complain if they kept a few million as profit but if this is from hundreds of millions in revenue, then there is a better way to operate your business. 

For-purpose businesses

Why am I so big on profit? Profit allows you to reinvest in the people and causes you love. There are for-profit businesses whose sole aim is to make a ton of money. There are nonprofits that work for a cause with no regard to making profit. When you blend those two types of organizations, you get a for-purpose business which makes a lot of profit and then takes that profit and reinvests it in causes that really matter to those people.

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We run for-purpose businesses here, and that is why we want you to make a ton of profit so you can reinvest in your child’s soccer team, and so on. When you get profit and free time, you have freedom. You have the freedom to take care of those you love. You have the freedom to live life to the fullest. You have the freedom to travel wherever you want to travel. 

The combination we are aiming for is to help you get the sweet spot between revenue, profit and free time. We have specialized in helping small businesses get more revenue, more profit and more free time. 

If you want some help increasing your revenue, profit and free time, fill out the form at our site and we will jump on a quick 15-minute call so we can see if we can help you in 2021. There was a study done showing that more than 50% of small business owners looked at their financials once a year, and they did that towards the end of the year. 

If you believe your business can generate more revenue this year as well as more profit and free time, fill out that form and let’s see if we can help. Just to share a quick result from this program, we have a client that I am so proud of. Their name is Barbara and Dean, they have a meal prep company. They create these super healthy meals and deliver them to the community around them. They were able to increase their overall revenue last year, during a pandemic, by over 50% year-to-date. They had 171% increase in their profitability, and 195% increase in net profit this year. They are one of my personal coaching clients and I adore them as people, they are wonderful humans and they are getting results worth talking about!

So, if you want some results like that and you are willing to do the work, fill out the form below. We would like to help. I look forward to talking to you all soon!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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