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20 April 2020

10 Alternative Ways to Measure Success

Jairek Robbins

Today’s topic is “10 alternative ways to measure success.” Now, what are we talking about? There’s a lot of people, and I’d like to know before getting started, how do you measure success in your life? Answer this question. How do you know when you are successful?

What has to happen for you to feel successful? Whatever that is, I want to give you a little bit of insight by giving you 10 alternative ways to measure success.

1. Measure Success in Terms of Loss Avoided Instead of Ground Gained

A lot of us measure success based on how far we’ve gone, how much we’ve achieved, or how much we’ve accomplished. Sometimes it’s not about how much you’ve accomplished but rather what losses you’ve avoided.

For example, many people aren’t working right now so they can’t measure their success based on sales they made or new products created or a new line of business you launched. You can’t measure your success along those lines, but you can measure any losses that you avoided. 

If you were at work and everyone got sick and the whole team was down, that’s a big loss. Could you make it more about the fact that you have avoided major losses or catastrophes, and in return, it is causing you to be more successful right now? This is something to think about; sometimes it is about loss avoided instead of ground gained.

2. How Much Joy Has Been Brought into Your Life

You may be sitting there and there is a part of your brain telling you that you haven’t closed any deals, you haven’t got any business happening, or you haven’t gotten any new sales. But, if you take a moment and realize that you are sitting right there with your wife or sitting and reading a book to your little one and this has brought so much joy into your life, you will realize what a beautiful day this is. That is success! 

Having joy in this moment, finding true joy being with the ones you love, finding joy in learning something new, finding joy in preparing for the time when the markets will reopen and you can go back and do exactly what you want to do. Can you find joy in this moment.

3. How Much Free Time Opens Up for You

This is really important. Are you constantly making deposits in your future, or you are consistently making withdrawals from your future?

Sometimes we make commitments right now; we decide to do right now something that is robbing us of time in future. We make a commitment that yeah, I will do that with you and it literally just cost you an hour of your future life.

Or, you are making deposits into your future by doing something right now that gives you the ability to have more free time in the future. 

Now, if you are stuck at home, would be a great time to make as many deposits into the future as humanly possible. What does that mean?

It means that you should work on projects that may take some time right now when you’re stuck at home, but when you get back into the normal daily routine, it is going to free up a ton of your time. 

Is there anything you could be working on right now that takes effort, takes focus, or takes other resources you have right now, but it is going to free up lots of your time in the future? Will you get time back because of the time deposit you are making right now instead of a time withdrawal? That is one of the ways to be successful right now. Make time deposits and get back life back in the future since you will not have to be working because you put in the effort during this time.

4. Figure Out How Many People It Will Positively Affect

Can you create something right now at home (maybe a video like this) that will positively affect people around you long past this moment? Is that your version of success? How many people has it reached, or maybe it reaches the right person at the right time and at just the moment they need it to help them make that progress in life.

5. How It Will Help You Evolve and Grow

Sometimes it’s not about what you achieved or what you avoided, but it is about who you are becoming in the process. Can you do something right now that can help you to become a better version of yourself? Something to make you happier, stronger, healthier, stronger, more fulfilled, more resilient mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Can it prepare you for what you want to become in life? That is a great way to be successful right now.

6. The Relationships it Helps You Build

If you are at home right now, you have the ability to literally connect with other people that you don’t normally have time to connect with. You can connect with other people via technology in ways you weren’t able to before the stay at home instructions were given. What a beautiful time!

Can this time allow you to connect and deepen relationships by using technology to reach out to people you are about around the world? 

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7. How Much Tension or Stress It Relieves You Of

Sometimes you might do something right now in order to free up time in the future, or sometimes what you do might relieve you of some tension, relieve you of future stress, or relieve you of future obligations. That is something you can do to be successful right now.

8. Feeling of Completion

Is there something you know you need to get done that you’ve just been avoiding, not putting in the time, but you could do right now just to tick it off your list as something you’ve done? That feeling that you have completed something gives you a sense of control.

9. The Amount of Days You Can Survive Living the Exact Life You Want Without Having to Work

Someone mentioned that their version of success is counting the number of days they can survive, living the exact life they want without having to work. That got me thinking; I wonder how successful most of us are?

How many days can you live the life you want to live without having to work? How many days can you go? That’s a good test!

The real question is, have you really and truly earned the ability to have the life you want without needing to work every day in order to maintain it? If not, what could you put in place so that over the next 3, 6, 12 months you do have the ability to live more of the type of life you want without needing to work for it every day. What would that do for you?

10. If It’s Your Deepest Truth and Most Authentic Expression

This one of my favorites. Are you spending time each day living true to your deepest truth, with your deepest expression of who you are, and are you expressing that to the rest of the world around you? This is a great way to measure success.

So, I’m going to wrap this up, and I’m going to have dinner with my wife and I’m going to ask something really simple; how do you measure success? And how is the way you measure success either helping you to feel successful every day or keeping you from feeling successful every day? If you rewrite the script using these ten alternative ways you can use to measure your success in life, how much joy, losses avoided vs. ground gained, how much time it frees up in future, how much stress it relieves you of in future; you decide, how do you want to measure success and find a way to feel successful every day? Don’t wait for it, make it happen right now. Have some fun, kick some butt and I will talk to you tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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