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Traits of Highly Successful People: What Sets Them Apart

  Leadership and entrepreneurship are challenging, and the statistics on the longevity of new businesses can be depressing because the odds of success are so low for most businesses. However, you can improve the chances of business success by developing or honing the traits which are common among successful entrepreneurs. It is true that business […]

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15 March 2023

  Success in the real world, especially in the business world, requires you to be street-smart rather than just book smart. Street smartness is vital because in the real world, there is no structure. There are so many variables, and those variations when combined in different ratios yield different results (ditto, success or failure). For […]

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8 March 2023
How to Make Performance Reviews More Fair and Inclusive in a Hybrid Workplace

  When globalization made it possible for companies to have their workforce spread out in different corners of the world, many thought this would be unique to large conglomerates. Then came the pandemic, and the workplace has never been the same again. Today, many workplaces are hybrid in nature in that some employees work remotely […]

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1 March 2023
Why Freedom is the Secret Ingredient to Employee Engagement

  As the labor market gets tighter and “the Great Resignation” shows no sign of abating, owners of small businesses need to think outside the box and come up with mechanisms to increase employee engagement, which will in turn trigger other benefits like reduced turnover. Autonomy and flexibility at the workplace can attain these goals. […]

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22 February 2023
How to Communicate with Your Customers for Maximum Results

  Communication is the sauce that builds and maintains brands, and you can get maximum results in your business if you communicate effectively with your customers. This is especially important with regard to existing customers, because you want repeat business from them, and you want them to promote you to their circles. Here is a […]

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15 February 2023
Emotional Agility and How to Have It

  In these times of unprecedented change in business and in life, leaders shoulder an even greater responsibility to keep the organization functional and heading in the right direction. However, leaders may often be held back by what is going on inside them. Their feelings and thoughts can be a barrier to responding proactively and […]

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8 February 2023
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