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26 November 2013

Why People Grow Out Of Relationships & How To Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen To You!

Jairek Robbins

Why is it some people find themselves in relationships which started off so exciting then fizzled out faster than a pack of pop rocks? Why is it we find ourselves bored, uninterested, and looking for something outside?

While there are many reasons why this happens, this week on JRCtv, we are going to discuss how you can prevent serial dating and find yourself in a longer lasting, deeper, more loving relationship.

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Here are a few common reasons why people start dating:

(We will dive in deeper on this episode as to what’s missing, if you want to find love that lasts)

1. Proximity. This is the number one reason why people start dating. Whether it’s work, church, a community event, or friends, people often end up dating because they see each other regularly enough to form a connection.  While this is a great way to meet people, you want to be sure you’re not dating out of convenience. Rather, there must be a deeper purpose and meaning to your relationship. Tune into the episode for more insight!

2. Growth. For men in earlier stages of life, it may mean wanting a woman who has a great level of confidence and certainty. For woman, it may be wanting more adventure and fun in their lives with a man who is passionate and wild.

This is a major reason why people get together: They are attracted to a characteristic where they need, or want, to grow. While this helps us grow as human beings, it doesn’t help us grow our relationships. In fact, you’ll like grow out of relationships with this as the foundation.

Now, there is a way to have a deeper love and connection and foundation to a relationship outside of (or in addition to) proximity and growth which will surely develop into a beautiful relationship. Check out this week’s episode of JRCtv for what’s missing and how you can take a surface level relationship to a very deeply rooted, loving, passionate, and ever-lasting one!

We would love to hear your feedback on what has kept love alive in your relationship and/or if you’re facing any of these current scenarios in your love life.

If this is an area in life where you want a better understanding and far greater results in your love life, whether single or married, definitely join me for a free 30 minute discovery coaching call for tremendously helpful insights on finding and creating your ideal relationship.

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