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6 November 2013

Ever Feel UN-Fulfilled? Here Is How To Fix It! – JRCTv

Jairek Robbins


Today’s exercise is focused on the difference between a feeling of absolute fulfillment and that ugly, empty, sad, dark, lonely feeling of un-fulfillment. Whether you feel like this most of the time, or just on certain occasions, there’s a super simple, yet VERY powerful tip on how to live a life feeling fulfilled!

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As mentioned in this week’s episode of JRCtv, the main cause of a lack of fulfillment is a misunderstanding between PLEASURE vs. FULFILLMENT.

Pleasure is a faux feeling of fulfillment because it is incredible short lived and typically caused by a craving, impulse, or temptation. Things we do for pleasure, eat junk food, drink alcohol or pop, seek “retail therapy”, or sleep around, etc, are all satisfying to our impulses because, according to much research, they cause chemicals in our body, such as serotonin (the happy hormone), to peak, but only for a very short time, which is why we quickly go back to feeling empty and then go back for more.

So how do you fix it? You avoid things for pleasure, or a quick fix, but instead fill your life with activities and environments which will raise your serotonin levels more consistently, and for longer periods of time, which are food for the soul versus crack for a craving.

Fulfillment is a honest and true feeling of happiness. It does more than peak your happy hormones. It keeps them there. This will result is less ‘guilty pleasures’ and more happy, fulfilling, and grateful moments in your life. There is a common misconception that ‘pleasurable’ things are fulfilling. The true test is to measure how long you feel happy for once partaking in an activity.

Learn more in todays episode of JRCTv … Enjoy!

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Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt


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