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10 July 2014

How To Reinvent Yourself After Losing Success

Jairek Robbins

It’s been said you should reinvent yourself every 5 years.

BUT WAIT, what if everything you can imagine is going right, and your wildest dreams are coming true? Is it really necessary to reinvent yourself then?


What about when your dreams come true and then all of a sudden those dreams fall apart and life brings you to your knees?  Now what? As a peak performance coach I’d certainly say, it’s without a doubt, time to reinvent yourself and rebuild your success.


Well I this week I explore this (somewhat painful) topic with, former pro baseball player, Mike Robbins who experienced this first hand during his baseball career. In today’s JRCTv, we’ll discuss a few pointers when it feels like life really knocks you down hard just as you were making your way to the top.


We also discuss other ways to find more freedom and less stress in your life as you’re overcoming such obstacles.
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After receiving recruiting offers from major league baseball teams in high school (New York Yankees), playing ball for Stanford, and then signing on with the Kansas City Royals at the age of 21, Mike was especially feeling like all his childhood dreams were coming true and they were!!


Then, the unimaginable happened. Three years into playing in the minors, he was pitching and tore ligaments in his arm which would end his flourishing career in baseball, forever.


Mike had been playing baseball since he was 7 years old, so when his career ended at 25 naturally he was questioning who he was without baseball. After feeling like he has lost it all, he didn’t know exactly what was next, but he definitely knew what he would NOT allow to happen. He knew he would not allow this experience to result in him sitting in the corner of a bar, talking about how he used to be “somebody”.


Instead he realized this is the moment where “I get to reinvent myself.”


In choosing this path of reinventing himself, Mike shares three valuable life lessons in our conversation which can help anyone wanting to dramatically change the direction of their life for the absolute best. Now, as an author and speaker, Mike shows people how to infuse their life with authenticity and appreciation.


Download today’s worksheet (below) for these 3 powerful steps and valuable tools for reinventing yourself & (bonus!) learn what uber successful people also struggle with that many of us don’t even realize!!


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