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23 April 2014

How To Eliminate Stress

Jairek Robbins

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?

If so, you need to tune into JRCTv this week as we focus on how to eliminate stress from your life! We have a fun challenge for you this week that we normally reserve for our Rapid Results Retreats each december.

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On our retreats, we take this energy-guzzling set of emotions and completely transform them into inspiration to serve and love. What is amazing is that as soon as this transformation occurs all of the stress seems to immediately disappear as well.

If you are curious how we do it make sure to tune in to today’s JRCTv episode!

Trust me when I say, if you haven’t mastered this area, you’re significantly stunting your own growth personally and professionally. There’s no better way (aside from joining us on our retreats) truly grow in this area than by applying the tools I share with you in this episode of JRCtv and by downloading the toolkit below!



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