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21 March 2017

How to Let Go of the Past

Jairek Robbins



There are few things that pain me more than seeing someone in deep emotional pain.

Whether it’s something that has happened to them recently or 20 years ago, seeing someone bear the burden of carrying emotional baggage weighs heavy on my heart.. 

So today, if you or someone you know is living with the weight of past pain whether from a person, a situation, or experience, please do me a favor and share this.

Life is so precious and we only get one shot at it. So rather than holding on to things which hold us back and prevent us from experiencing the richness of life, we encourage you to choose to let it go.


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Remember “Holding onto anger (or anything negative emotions) is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

When we choose to let go of the past, The person that is freed is YOU. Enjoy today’s episode it’s a deeply powerful one. Download the worksheet! Be sure to hold on to this one for future use.

To your success,


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Prefer to read? No Problem! Here is this weeks transcription of JRCtv! Enjoy!


Hey there welcome back to another episode of JRCtv.


Today we are talking about the physical, mental, emotional jail that you can lock yourself in by holding a grudge, by holding on to anger, by holding on to anything that you dislike about a person.


Something they did in the past, something you thought they might have done a meaning you’ve associated that causing you to be upset, angry, frustrated, jealous, any of these negative emotions and what it’s causing is literally you right there in there to be in pain.


And what’s wild about this I’ve heard it said being angry at someone or holding a grudge against someone is the equivalent of drinking poison and hoping for them to die in the process.  It’s crazy and insane.


What’s wild about it is the whole concept of when you choose to let it go when you choose to release, to forgive, to finally et go of that anger, frustration, jealousy, upset, whatever it is that you’ve been holding on to.


The person that’s freed from the entire experience is you.  It’s not them, it’s not the person you were angry with or upset about.  And believe it or not, holding on to the anger, holding on to the frustration, the tension the jealousy, whatever it is that you’re holding on to they don’t feel any of that.


They don’t have the mess up the biochemistry of their body they don’t have their core to soul levels rise they don’t have their heart rate pick up speed, they don’t have their brain to kick in their fly or fight, they don’t have to deal with how you’re choosing to respond to your family, your co-workers, your partners, your friends your community your clients.


They’re the one not dealing with all the repercussion of this you are.


So I ask you, I beg of you…please make a decision by downloading today’s worksheet writing this up make a decision to first, identify the specific moment of thought of feeling or the specific person the situation, identify what it is that really, truly you’ve been holding on too so tight and ask yourself, why have I really hold on to this?


What are your reasons for choosing to hold on so tightly to this rope is burning to your hands causing all the pain in you?  Ask yourself what would happen if I chose to let go of this and free yourself.   From the rope that’s burning your hand from the thought that’s burning your mind, the emotions burning your heart. And ask yourself what freedom will this give you on the other side.


The freedom of not having to think about it ever again, the freedom of not having to feel it ever again, the freedom of not having to bring that emotional, mental, chemical cocktail in your body each day that is poisoning you inside out.


And finally, ask yourself why are you determined to let this go today.  Not another day, not another moment, not another hour you will not allow this any longer to play a role in tearing you down and make a commitment today and act to move forward.


So download today’s worksheet make sure to go through it make that decision and please send us a note and let us know that you’ve done it so we can hold you accountable to freedom within yourself from that which has jailed you , and poisoned you and hurt you for so long but not another day not another not another moment.


So please make a decision today to finally cut it off once and for all and choose freedom, choose love, choose joy, choose happiness, choose clarity of mind and choose to really have the  life that you desire on the surface not allowing other people to dictate how you’re feel each day based on soothing that happened a long time or short time ago.


So please download today’s worksheet take action, free yourself once and for all and I look forward to seeing you next week for another episode of JRCtv.


Until then have an amazing week.

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