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28 May 2015

Dating & Life: Spear VS Net Strategy

Jairek Robbins


quotes-a-goal-without-a-planSuch an Embarrassing College Dating Moment.


I decided to write a sweet note to a girl I thought was cute. I spent a few hours writing it and made sure to really deliver from the heart. I made sure to read it over 10+ times and finally I sent the note!


At 2 am I woke up got nervous and thought WHAT DID I JUST DO!?! At that moment I knew there was only one solution… (watch the video to see what it was). 


Which of These Relationship Strategies Describes You?


Are you the type of person that goes after ANYONE + EVERYONE just to see who in return is interested?


Or are you super targeted in dating? Meaning you know exactly who you’re looking for and only approach those who fit your ‘type’?


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In today’s episode we are going to dive into what I call “spear fishing vs net fishing”. The example I use is focused on intimate relationships, but this can be applied towards any “Major Category” in life — health, career, etc. 

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/VGvYtvbvovk” width=”540″ height=”340″] 

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For example, in health and fitness do you just try any workout machine when you go to the gym, or do you stay focused on a specific muscle group and routine? When looking for a new job opportunity or new client, do you go to everyone/everywhere, or do you go after your absolute ideal job/client?


Most people land up just settling for what is available vs putting in the work to find what they actually want!  


Are you one to throw a net out and see what’s available/interested? Or are you so laser focused that you only go after opportunities in life, or love interests that fit your exact wants and needs?


The bigger question is WHICH strategy is most beneficial? 


Some might argue that your chances of success are greater with a net versus a spear you are really slimming down your odds. Do you agree? 


In the past I’ve used both strategies. In fact, in college I completely embarrassed myself when I used BOTH strategies. Tune in to hear the whole story. 


To say the least, the women were not impressed and I totally flopped in my courting attempt. However, the lesson is do NOT use both strategies but choose one that works best for you. 


I’ll certainly be sharing my insights from experience as well as what I’ve seen work from others of men and women who are out there searching for “the one”, whether the setting a romantic relationship, or something else each strategy has it’s pros and cons. Tune in to learn more. 


Did one of these strategies work for you? Tell me about it in the comments. 


To Your Success,



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