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23 October 2013

Why Women Need To Vent & How You Can Be Their Hero When They Do!

Jairek Robbins

 On today’s episode of JRCtv,

We will share with you incredibly powerful insight on woman and how to love them even more than we already do!!

Specifically, we will cover why women need to “vent” and how you can truly be their hero when they do.

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 Spoiler alert: the solution is not to fix it.

Before watching JRCtv, let’s cover a few important differentiators between men and women to better help our love and our relationships grow, strengthen, and become ever-lasting.

Men are hard-wired to fix things. They often do this by listening or looking for problems to fix.

Women are hard-wired to connect, which they often do through talking.

This is the exact reason you will often see a man working on something they can fix, telling someone how to get something done, or how sharing a better way to do better.

For a woman, this can be somewhat frustrating because they simply don’t always need to have their problem fixed.

In fact, when you tell them how to fix it, and they don’t need your help, it’ll hurt them even more because you’re basically saying they can’t do it on their own.

 Women, while your man is working on listening to you and letting you vent all the stuff that you simply need to let out or get off your chest or share… one thing you can do to make sure this goes successfully without him cutting you off and trying to fix it, is to tell him, immediately, “please just listen, I need to vent” or “honey, may I share something with you, that I don’t necessarily need you to fix, I just need you to listen”.

Now that we have covered that, lets get down to business!

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