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3 February 2015

3 Steps To Building Powerful Habits for Success (Best Way To Measure Success Part 2/2)

Jairek Robbins

we are what we repeatedly do. ecellent then is not a an act but a habit. aristotle quoteWelcome back!

Last week we talked about how to truly measure your success. Really, we redefined success. If you missed part 1 of this 2 part series, definitely tune in here.


Now this week, we are talking about mastering the habits of success. We all have habits, some good some bad. The key is to practice strengthening the good habits and weeding out the bad habits! We want to ensure that the habits you currently have are 1000% supportive of the success and fulfillment you want in our life, love and business!



So this week I’m going to share some fantastic insights from a really great book I’ve been reading called “The Power of Habit”. In it, we learn something you definitely want to know and that’s a habit loop. By using this habit loop you can learn how to create habits for your success and how to replace bad habits with great ones.

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Are there habits you know you should stop? Well tune in to find out exactly how to do so! I’ll take you through the fool-proof 3 step process of doing so.


Quick video highlights:


I highly recommend you pick up a copy of The Power of Habit especially to support your LIVE IT! Challenges today!


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To go along with today’s episode, we have a power packed worksheet for you below. In the worksheet we outline the morning routine that we use to get super charged for each and every day. I encourage you, your team, and your accountability buddies to grab a copy and tune in.


Wondering what habits you may want to add to your life? We have two powerful resources for you, both of which are absolutely risk free:


1. Refine your success habits by enrolling into the Rapid Results Formula Program & Community.


2. Sign up for a free discovery coaching call for true accountability & performance coaching


Imagine how much more you’d get done and achieve in your business, your life, or your health if every one of your habits was aimed to help you achieve more success with purpose! Now, let’s go!


To your success,

Jairek Robbins


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