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27 January 2015

The Best Way To Measure Success – Part 1/2

Jairek Robbins


success quote million dollar dream minimum wage work ethic success quotesListen, I want you to know I’m completely behind you in your mission to achieve true and lasting success with purpose. Whether it’s building a $50mm company, funding 50 schools, losing 50 lbs., buying your parents a new home, paying off all your debt, or owning 50 foot yacht, I want you to achieve every bit of success you want!


There are a few vital strategies that I’m going to teach you, that can help you achieve the success you are after faster than you ever imagined. Today is part 1 of 2 on achieving and really redefining success.


So first, let’s recall the last goal you accomplished. Perhaps it was getting that well-deserved promotion, eating healthier, getting into better shape, paying off a credit card, launching a new website or training your dog (something we know quite a bit about these days!).


In looking back, did any of those things happen overnight? Absolutely not, right?!

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(The following is based on a true story)

For example, did we hope we adopted the smartest puppy on the planet who would be house broken within days of being welcomed into our family? Of course we did, but that didn’t happen.


Were we willing to give up and disown him the second he had an accident on day two? Absolutely not.


What did we do when we didn’t achieve instant and immediate success? Rather than giving up and chasing the next best thing, we focused on investing time into training him for as long as it would take until we successfully trained the lil bugger to not litter the house.


You see, when we embarked on this new journey of furball ownership, we mentally prepared ourselves to accept that it may take more time, energy, and money than we expected to get this fur legged family member to not claim our house his territory.  What’s most important in this lesson is the journey of finding habits such as walks, cues, commands, and plenty of celebration (treats) that have led to our success thus far.


Now think of anything that’s ever brought about true and lasting success for you, whether it be a well trained dog or a self sustaining business, there were habits and rituals that had to be in place for the results to actually materialize, right? What happened when you let up on those habits, rituals, or stop measuring the results? You hit a slippery downward slope, am I right?


Now listen, I am all about vision boards and I certainly mental rehearse my success everyday, but it doesn’t stop there.


I also fall in love with the process of tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and creating habits and rituals that will help bring about our desired success and THAT is where the success is really happens for me and every successful person I’ve ever met.


To achieve true success, you must be truly disciplined to become a creature of successful habits.


To go along with todays episode, I have a power packed worksheet for you (for free!) below. I encourage you, your team, and your accountability buddies to grab a copy and tune in.


To your success,

Jairek Robbins


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