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8 April 2019

Ep 76 – Olivia Jaras – What The World Needs More Of… women need to be empowered to know their worth and understand how to advocate for it

Jairek Robbins

In the quest for gender equality, bridging the gender wage gap stands as a significant milestone. Today, we have the privilege of introducing you to an extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to empowering women and helping them advocate for their true worth. Meet Olivia Jaras, an internationally recognized expert on the gender wage gap and salary negotiations for women. Her remarkable journey and expertise have made her a beacon of inspiration for countless women worldwide.

  1. Olivia Jaras: A Trailblazer in the Field:

Olivia’s journey as a pioneer in advocating for women’s worth began with her passion for empowering women to achieve financial success. As one of the top resume experts in the United States, she garnered international acclaim for her insights on salary negotiations and gender wage disparity. Olivia’s work has been featured in prestigious media outlets like Forbes, BBC, CNN, MSN, and The World Economic Forum, attesting to her influence and impact.

  1. Bridging the Gender Wage Gap:

Olivia is the founder of Salary Coaching for Women, a platform that equips women with the tools and knowledge to understand their market value and confidently advocate for it. She firmly believes that until women recognize their true worth and master the art of negotiation, the gender wage gap will persist. Her mission is to empower women to shatter the glass ceiling and claim their rightful place in the professional world.

  1. A WOW Factor of Resilience:

Olivia’s life is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Having faced countless rejections and challenges in her youth, including the great recession, she persevered and emerged stronger than ever. Her journey from experiencing rejection to landing her dream job is awe-inspiring. Today, she uses her life experiences to help women navigate their own paths to success.

  1. Empowering Women’s Career Advancement:

Olivia’s gift lies in her ability to see the potential in women and guide them towards their true calling. Through her expertise, she enables women to not only secure dream jobs but also negotiate millions of dollars in raises and starting salaries. Olivia’s impact on women’s lives reaches far beyond the corporate realm; she plays a pivotal role in closing the gender wage gap on a global scale.

  1. Advocating for Work-Life Balance:

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Olivia embodies the belief that work, life, and personal ambitions can be harmoniously balanced. As a long-distance triathlete on Team USA and a devoted wife and mother of two daughters, she proves that success can be achieved without sacrificing personal well-being.

  1. Teal: A Color of Empowerment:

Teal, Olivia’s favorite color, symbolizes strength, empowerment, and open communication. These qualities perfectly resonate with her mission to empower women to know their worth and advocate fearlessly for their aspirations.


Olivia Jaras’s journey exemplifies the power of dedication, resilience, and a deep passion for empowering women. As a thought leader in gender wage gap bridging and salary negotiations, she continues to create a positive impact on women’s lives globally. Olivia’s commitment to women’s empowerment inspires us to recognize our true worth and advocate for what we deserve. Let us join hands with Olivia on this transformative journey, working together towards a world where women are empowered, respected, and celebrated for their exceptional contributions.


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