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14 March 2017

Why Oxytocin is Important

Jairek Robbins


Before Amanda, my morning routine was simple. Wake up, go workout, eat breakfast, tackle the days’ goals, go to yoga, read and relax.

Since Amanda came into my life, there is this crucial, and I mean CRUCIAL 5 minutes that we must share in the morning.

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It’s an absolute game-changer for her and though it completely changed my “wake up and go” routine, I can say I fully approve and embrace this change because there are so many great side effects that come from it, not to mention it puts in her full on unicorn mode.

Before we dive into exactly what it is, let’s first dive into what it creates: oxytocin.



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Hopefully you’ve heard of it, but if not that’s exactly what we are talking about today. The game-changer for her that sets off oxytocin is snuggling first thing in the morning and last thing before we go to bed.

She’s a better human and she gets a better nights sleep since this has been in our morning and evening routine all because of the oxytocin that is kicked off in her brain after a quick snuggle sesh.

I’m telling you oxytocin is miraculous- and not just for women, for men, for kids, for entrepreneurs… Tune into today to learn more game-changing strategies to kick off oxytocin in your brain PLUS one neurotransmitter which will help you boost productivity too.


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Prefer to read? No Problem! Here is this weeks transcription of JRCtv! Enjoy!

Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of JRCTV. Today we’re talking about the number one most important factor that can literally keep us alive as a small baby; that can reconnect us in the moments that we feel disconnected or slightly not together with the spouse.


It’s something that can calm us after travel or anytime that are let’s say cortisol or nerves or stress is high, can immediately bring that stress down and connect us back to the deepest, most connected part of ourselves.


What we’re talking about today is oxytocin or human touch. There’s something called failure to thrive syndrome, which is if you have a small baby and it is not connected to, it is not held within so long literally, it can actually die as an infant which is ridiculous and crazy. But it’s so true.


Not only is failure to thrive syndrome in a very small baby but it’s something that many times has been said when we travel, it spikes cortisol levels, which spikes chemical stress inside of our body, makes us tense, kicks us back into the fire flight mode as a human brain is concerned, which means we either attack the ones we love or we run away from a conversation moment.


And what’s wild and interesting in that is instead of fighting, instead of freaking out and running away from the distraction and craziness, what’s very interesting and what you can do immediately in that moment is after a long travel time, the first thing that you’re going to want to do is embrace another person.


Human touch, connect with them, hug them. Because in that moment, what starts to happen is literally you release massive amounts of oxytocin in your mind, your body, in your blood. And what it does is immediately lowers the cortisol levels and brings your stress down to allow you to reconnect with the logical part of your brain instead of getting caught up in the crazy fire flight moment.


So number 1, as babies we need that touch. Number 2, when we’re traveling a lot or when in high-stress situations, you want lots of touch and connection to bring down those stress levels. And number 3, in a relationship – this is probably one of the most important ones that I found – is if in a moment you figure out that your partner, your spouse, your lover has a hidden moment where they’re tense, they’re caught off guard, their mind is going everywhere in all directions all at once, and you want to help ground them, to bring them back to this very moment and become present. One thing you can do is just reach out and touch them. And all of a sudden in that moment, you’re human touch, if you have a man reaching to a woman, will become the loudest thing in her world.


Meaning, we’re biologically made that when you reach out and touch another person, specifically a woman, what it will cause is her entire nervous system, her entire world, thoughts, emotions, feelings – everything going on – to immediately come to that one thing that’s touching her. The rest of the world will become silent, for just a moment about 30 seconds, for her to connect, figure out what is it that’s touching her, is it safe or not, and give it all her attention all at once in that very moment for about 30 seconds.


So gentleman, if you have something very important you want to share with the person you love, one thing you might want to do is first reach out and touch their hand, connect with them physically, and then share what it is that you’d like to share with them. Because in that sharing, they’ll now be able to hear it because everything else in their world will become silent so they can truly connect with what it is you want to share them with.


So 3 areas oxytocin is critical: number 1, failure to thrive in infant, holding your small ones. If you find the baby is stressed or tensed or crying, holding them, cuddling them, snuggling them allows that oxytocin to release, which allows them to reconnect and reground and feel comforted and loved and rebalance their stress.


Number 2, we talked about travel or high stressed situations, that’s including work, travel, adventure, anything we’re stressed and cortisol level spike up in that moment, connecting with another person, embracing them to allow their oxytocin to then come back into your system, to resettle you and connect you.


And finally, we talked about relationships, if you have something very important you want to share with your lover, first hold them. And in holding them and connecting with them, then share it so it becomes the loudest thing in that world in the moment.


I hope you use these tools and these thoughts in your life, in your business, in your health, in your relationships and really do some magic with them. If you want, grab a copy of this week’s download. We go over these 3 areas you can use it. We also give you a couple of other tips on a different hormone transmitter that can also show you how to get the maximum performance out of your mind, body and emotions.


So grab the download, have some fun with it, go use this. I look forward to seeing you next week for another episode of JRCTV.


Till then, have an amazing week. Bye.

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