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9 September 2014

Why (And How) You Should Share Your Success With Others!

Jairek Robbins

Have you ever not shared your big wins or success stories with people out of fear of how they would respond?  


Maybe you’ve even hid parts of stories, or played down all the great things happening in your life and business because you were worried about how it might make them feel?


And when someone close does catch on to how well things are going for you (and maybe not them) does it feel like there may be a little bit of tension between you and them?


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You’re not alone on this one. Many clients and friends of mine have shared with these exact experience with me and we’ve discussed many ways to navigate through such times in a way that actually brings people closer to you, wanting to learn/grow, and celebrating victories with you in a mutually beneficial way.


When we live in a social media centered society it often feels that sharing even the smallest of triumphs can been seen as a little narcissistic. So how do we share our success with friends, family, and fans without drawing negative attention, worrying about making others feel bad, or feeling a bit narcissistic.


In Today’s episode of JRCtv, we talk about how to share your success with others in a meaningful and empowering way. We like to call this: “GIVE IT!” or pay if forward.


Now, I know what you may be thinking: “But Jairek, the whole point is when I share my success people think I’m a ‘know – it – all’ or that I’m just showing off!”


There’s tactic in sharing your success that goes a very long way to help others feel empowered and inspired by your success and NOT feeling less than, insignificant, and jealous.


I’ll share a few different steps which are the perfect solution to help you (or maybe someone you know) share with others how they can experience the same level of success that you have to experience greater freedom and fulfillment in their life.


The trick is timing, content, and delivery. By understanding exactly when to share, what to share and how to share it, you’ll start seeing people gravitate toward you and your success rather brushing it off or looking away from it.


If you happen to be on the other side, where someone you know has experienced a great amount of success and you haven’t and they are driving you nuts, then you too can benefit from these steps by understanding the best way to share this message with that person so that it really resonates in a meaningful way.

To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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