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1 October 2014

What Are You Willing To Trade Your Life For?

Jairek Robbins

It’s here!! Today is international #LIVEITBOOK day!! Today is all about becoming the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled version of yourself because that’s exactly what LIVE IT! is all about! (It’s now available on Amazon via paperback, kindle, or AUDIO, so you can even listen to it on the go as well!!!)


I really do appreciate all your support for my first book, LIVE IT! whether it was in encouraging me to write it, picking up a copy, or simply submitting your LIVE IT! Lesson. Thank you so much.


To support your personal growth and awesomeness, I’m hosting a live 6-week book club for LIVE IT! starting this Thursday! (Click here for details!) Plus, there are tons of other goodies as well on the LIVEITbook.com website and if you purchased more than one copy we have additional bonsues:

  1. If you love to give great gifts and purchased 3 copies of LIVE IT! you’ll get access to my private webinar on Love & Relationships that strips down relationships to the core of understanding what creates the deepest, most meaningful, intimate and long lasting relationships.
  2. If you’re awesome leader and knew your team needed a copy and purchased 5 copies of LIVE IT! you’ll get access to my private TIME MANAGEMENT webinar which has helped thousands of people get more out of each and every minute of their lives to create more freedom and productivity in life and business.
  3. If you are taking your tribe to the next level of success with purpose in life, love and business with you, and you and purchased 10 copies of LIVE IT! I’ll send you a SIGNED COPY! I’ll really look forward to adding a personal message to you for raising your standards and challenging yourself (& your tribe) to truly live a life of success and purpose!


Now, on the topic of what it means to “LIVE IT!” and Achieve Success While Living With Purpose,


Let’s talk about the value of your time and where you spend it. Do you fill each hour of your life with meaning and purpose? Do you know how valuable your time is?

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_QvpauZhbo” width=”530″ height=”340″]

Today on JRCtv we discuss, 5 Important Criteria Successful People Use To Determine Where They Spend Their Time!


So often I over hear a very common phrase “I don’t have time” or “If I had more time”, and one of thing we must keep in mind is that everyone in this world, whether you’re Oprah or Peppa Roni (fictitious name) we all have the same amount of minutes and hours in a day.


So what’s the difference between people who are wildly successful (organically) and those that are not?


One common denominator is where and how they spend their time.


So in today’s JRCtv episode we dive deep into not only what your time is worth, but HOW to quantify it!


We’ll also dive into learning and understanding how to prioritize what’s most important in your life, this is different for everyone and not what you’d think.


One of the main questions we must continually ask ourselves is “Would I trade an hour of what I love doing and my value for an hour of (optional task/project)?”


Is it worth the trade?


Put a price tag on your time. If money isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Another option is simply tying criteria to what makes the activity worth your time. For example, does this align with my values? Do this align with my priorities? Does this align with my beliefs, purpose, vision, etc.


When we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into WHY we do what we do and where we spend our time, it allows us to open up our hearts and our minds to connect with our true vision and purpose for our life. Without it, we’ll make quick and cheap decision putting so much of what really matters in life on the line for short sighted, low return, results.


As you go watch today’s episode, definitely download today’s worksheet which helps you with 5 criteria that will help you determine where and how you spend your time to get the absolute most out of every minute!

To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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