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19 March 2012

What are you feeding your mind?

Jairek Robbins

I was thinking last night about what I have literally “fed my mind” over the past 48 hours. My assumption was that I had been feeding my mind positive, empowering and insightful thoughts and ideas. So I decided to use one of my own tools and track for 1 day what I was actually feeding my mind… I was a bit shocked!

Being around the personal development industry as well as constantly looking for ways to learn, grow and share all the great knowledge with those around me… I just assumed that everything I was reading, listening to, and focusing on was positive and empowering. I was dead wrong! I have now committed to a “7 day mental diet” to cleans my mind, body and emotions of all the junk that I’ve been letting sneak in every day and really to fill myself back up with empowering, uplifting and inspiring “mind food”.

Here is a worksheet from my “Rapid Results Formula” program… I CHALLENGE YOU to take count for 24 hours and discover what you have been feeding your mind…

According to the Council for Research Excellence (formed by the Nielsen Company)

If you fit into that statistical average, I am curious what is on your screen for 8.5 hours per day. Are you reading the news? Watching “You Tube” videos? TV shows? Movies? Reading books? Magazines?

If you participate in reading or watching any of the above (or listen and/or experience other forms of media)… What messages are you consistently feeding into your mind? Positive and inspirational messages, information that moves you to take more action in life… or … News about “how bad things are”, statistics about how tuff life is, stories and movies that make you feel horrible. Well… which is it??

Here is a scale you can use to rate each piece of information you choose to feed your mind with today… (See worksheet below)

The first step in making progress is to honestly define where you are right now. Use the scale above and list on page 2 to track and measure the types of information you are feeding your mind today… If you discover that you are feeding yourself information that is rated a 5 (on the scale above) or below, you may want to take some action and shift up the content you focus on daily! Have fun with this!

Download full worksheet here

PS: If you’d like to take the “7 Day Mental Diet” here is a link to the book. It is an AWESOME and simple way to get your mindset back on track!

The Seven Day Mental Diet: How to Change Your Life in a Week

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