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9 June 2015

The ONLY Way To Overcome Fear Immediately

Jairek Robbins


What does fear mean to you?


For some FEAR means “F. Everything. And. Run” for others it means they are not fully prepared.


Everyone has a fear, or many fears,  which seems to normalize things, but that’s not okay. The trouble is we forget  what those fears are costing us and how important it is to overcome them.


For some fear is costing them a deep and meaningful relationship and for others living with fear is holding them back from their true potential or living a life of purpose and passion.


When we let fear drive, we fail to become the best version of ourselves. We’re not as strong, willing, or confident as we could be. When we are able to crush a fear and overcome it, we immediately become a better version of ourselves because we are strengthening a very important muscle: courage.


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Once we figure out exactly what fears you are faced with we are able to CRUSH them, remove them, and never let those fears hold you back again… How’s that sound?


There are many meanings and reasons why we feel fear. While we may feel safe and comfortable not facing our fears, often it’s because we haven’t really tuned into what these fears are costing us in terms of happiness, fulfillment, and possibility.


The truth is we get so caught up in what ‘could happen’, that we forget to live in the NOW. It’s easy to let our minds go racing with negative outcomes, but it’s important to remember none of this is the truth because it simply hasn’t happen. Thus, when we can stay focused on the present we are stronger and better equipped for any outcome and suddenly our fears seem to shrink.


In today’s episode, if you are looking to overcome any fear, you’re going to love today’s episode.


We will dive into exactly:


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