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2 April 2012

The “Happiness Advantage” for better performance!

Jairek Robbins

The 30 day TED.com challenge continues! I came across an AMAZING Ted Talk today! This one literally takes all that I have learned over the past 27 years and gives you an simple strategy to produce some profound results in your life in just 12 min!

Would you like to learn a simple strategy that will help you to:

– Better Secure Jobs

– Keep Jobs Better

– Have Superior Productivity

– Be More Resilient

– Have Less Burnout

– Have Less Turnover

– Have Greater Sales

If so then watch this video…

The simple formula (for 30 days) is….

1. 3 New things that you are grateful for

2. Journaling daily

3. Exercise daily

4. Meditation daily

5. Random Acts of Kindness daily

Are you up for the challenge?!?!?

The only thing I would personally add to this is to make sure you are constantly growing and feeding your mind new ideas. An AMAZING way I have found to do this for myself is both tuning in to Ted Talks as well as this awesome program RapidResultsLearning.com


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