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16 January 2018

Preparing for Uncertain Times

Jairek Robbins




Often we find ourselves facing unique challenges and it would be wise to draw on learning or experiences we have had in the past to solve them.


However, there are instances where that is actually to our detriment and today we talk about those instances.


Today’s topic is inspired by The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham and in it, he shares stories of how important it is to switch strategies and how sometimes it could mean life or death.


So we pose the question to you – Where in your life has the circumstance changed and you are using the same approach to address it?


What are the strategies that you can employ in your business, life, and health that could be hindering you from gaining the results you really desire?


Listen in as we discuss old patterns, how to identify when it’s time to change and tools on how to do so.


Check it out below!


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