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7 June 2011


Jairek Robbins

Welcome to the OFFICIAL medal ceremony from the 2011 Rock’n’Roll marathon!!

YouTube Video

Again I just wanted to take a moment and THANK all of you who decided to support me and JustLikeMyChild.org in the San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon!

Here is a bit more about the organization…

******** SIDE NOTE ********
Make sure to read the PS: section I’ve discovered some really cool insights around financial abundance I’d love to share with you.
******** SIDE NOTE ********

Team izigg had a BLAST running in the event and are very excited for the funds raised to help out in the Ugandan Villages!

In total we were able to raise more than $1,800. To give you some insight on what that can do in Uganda… the MOST expensive malaria medicine is $2 (USD)… so if the organization was just going to invest the funds towards that it would save approximately 900 peoples lives!

I was just at a meeting with the founder of July Like My Child (they have an AWESOME event coming up in a few months here in San Diego make sure to check out their web-site for more info) and she was sharing with me the fact that for around $1,500 per month they are able to employee a FULL TIME seasoned doctor in the hospital they helped build who can save 100’s (if not 1,000’s) of lives per month!

So THANK YOU again for taking the time to help out! If by chance you still wanted to help donate you can do so at JustLikeMyChild.org

Also I mentioned the new running gear I found. It is AMAZING!!!

Beyond being INCREDIBLY comfortable, and made with an inner lining that prevents nipple burn (ouch!) road rash or anything else like that… it was created with anti-bacteria material and also material that helps cut the oder!

I can go on for days about these running shirts! Check them out here… http://bit.ly/iKqtkR

and last but not least here is a link for my new Rapid Results Formula Crash Course (www.RapidResultsFormula.com).

I’ve had hundreds of people from around the world go through my entire 90 Day Video Coaching Program and RAVE about the results they were able to achieve… I also had a hand full of people let me know that due to their current financial situation they would love to do it but didn’t have an extra $497 in their budget.

Soooo… I decided to offer the first 4 weeks (out of the 12 total weeks) of Video Coaching with me for only $197 (actually I have a surprise for you if you go to www.RapidResultsFormula.com and watch the “RAPID RESULTS CRASH COURSE” that I created!)

Enjoy and let me know what you think about that new “Crash Course Video”… I’d love to hear your feedback!

Hope you have an AMAZING DAY!

Jairek Robbins

PS: I’ve discovered some really cool insights around financial abundance and how to create financial freedom in a “down economy”… actually how to create financial freedom no matter what the economy is doing… I am going to be sharing more on that in the next few weeks!

PSS: I am going to do a “FUNNY JOKE” contest… the best joke over the next 24 hours gets a free copy of my “Rapid Results Formula” program! Post jokes on my FaceBook page –> http://on.fb.me/miShAA

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