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3 January 2013

Made it to Tokyo! – Foundational Freedom Formula – Part 3 of 4

Jairek Robbins

Sooooo this has been an EXCITING journey so far!

We started out at the temple in Thailand learning that we MUST Live Our Passion Daily!

Then we ventured down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, exploring the canals, and learning Step #2 – That we MUST add MASSIVE VALUE to the community around us through living our PASSION!

and now… STEP 3!!!!


[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKvt8hGY17o&list=UUU8iDbKgT9Tq74rCjfd7DDQ” width=”450″ height=”340″]

STEP 3 — Learning to Monetize the value that we add!

Well this was (and still is from time to time) an interesting one for me!

Ever since I was little I always remembering having a feeling to want to give to those in need around me… I can remember a specific incident when I was around 5 years old and I helped out around the house… My mom rewarded me by giving me $5 to use at the toy store!

I was sooo excited and had a long list in my mind of all the things I was going to buy with my $5 (its a small fortune to a 5 year old!).

On our way to the toy story I saw a man sitting outside on the ground staring into his hands at a small fishing gadget. He was homeless yet seemed to value that little thing soo much it was fascinating to me. I for some reason felt compelled to reach in my pocket, take out my $5 and hand it to the man.

My mom watched me and then after I had handed my $5 to the man she asked… WHY did you give away your only $5 to that man?

I thought about it for a second and remember saying back “He needs it more than me…”

Soon after mom busted into tears and picked me up to hug me and tell me how proud of me she was for being such a giving person…

I guess that emotional reward still is with me today… when ever I come across someone who is struggling I want to immediately give them all that I know to help them overcome the struggle and get the RESULTS they desire.

This trait of wanted to help people has been my greatest gift and also the biggest challenge in growing my business. It has helped me reach people and change lives all over the world, it has also kept me from growing my business in all the ways I dream of… I tend to give a lot of content, events and products away for free :-/

Well… until I started to realize that the more a person invests in a product or service the more they value it, the more they will apply it and the better the RESULTS they will achieve with it!

Once I figured that out (last year) things started to go in the right direction for both my clients and my business!

****Getting back on track ****

so Step 3 – is monetizing the value you add….

1st – What is your passion?

2nd – How are you adding value through living your passion daily?

— If you are a musician, artist (singer, dancer, painter…etc.), a teacher, a mom, a business man/woman… how do you add value to the community around you…

For me personally, I am a Results Coach! I LOVE LOVE LOVE assiting people to achieve the Rapid Results they desire and deserve in life! It lights me up inside to watch a person take a dream, desire or goal and not know if its even possible and then over a few months take that dream and turn it into their reality!

I get sooooo excited to watch who the person becomes on their journey and love being there to celebrate the results with them!


I was trained for over 250 hours by my fathers company (Robbins Research Int.) and coaching 100’s of clients for them as well as 100’s of clients on my own since I started my own company. So I tend to be pretty good at it! 🙂

Since I am PASSIONATE about coaching and I wanted to do it daily… I asked myself… How do I add value through coaching…

Well that was OBVIOUS… By helping people turn their dreams into reality! By helping people overcome the obsticles that were keeping them from the dreams and goals they desired most! By holding them accountable and helping them find new perspectives and strategies for their life and business!

and then finally I had to ask…

well… how do I monetize this…

Since I worked for Dads company for so many years it was familiar to me… I just had to set up a proper funnel online and start to generate my own clients and get my business built up online!


1. Step up a web-site (word-press is super simple and what I use for this site jairekrobbins.com)

— On your web-site you want to make sure add tons of value to the people who visit

— Also, you want to make sure you have an opt-in section (many people offer a free gift in return for opting in)

2. Identify your “Ideal Demographic” 

— Develop a way to learn who your IDEAL DEMOGRAPHIC is and how you can connect with them!

— To create a RAVING FAN you must give people the following… 1. What they want 2. What they need adn 3. What they didn’t even know they needed!

3. Start writing a blog and newsletter

— This helps everyone get to know who you are, learn from you and begin to build a relationship with you!

4. Create resources (info products)

— These are SOOO much fun to create and so easy! An info product can be anything from a simple Audio recording, a podcast, a blog, a book (or E-book), a video (or video series), a DVD/CD program… this list can go on forever!!!


–This can be done through a variety of ways including… Social Media (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+…etc), Paid Traffic (Google Ads, FaceBook Ads, Twitter Ads…etc.), SEO- Search Engine Optimization, Video Ranking (I have a friend who created a killer program that uploads your video to 100’s of sights for you once you upload it into their program)

There are a few more steps… but these are the basics! (we are going to teach this in detail on our April Rapid Results Retreat Europe Voyage you can learn more at www.JairekRobbins.com/EuropeCruise)


Once my business was online there were a few more steps…

1. Finding the right team to work with

–Creating Strategic Alliances

–Finding and hiring Interns to help out with all the work

–Building out affiliates to help me spread the message

–Figuring out WHAT and HOW TO outsource projects

there are a few other steps to… I’ll tell you about those later 🙂

I feel like this is enough to digest at this point!


I’d love to know…

What did you learn from this?

How are you going to apply it to your life/Business?

What else would you like to know on this topic?


Hope you have an AMAZING DAY!




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