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25 June 2014

Key Strategies to Build Powerful Relationships From Keith Ferrazzi

Jairek Robbins

Welcome back friends!

I’m happy to be back and writing you from new home here in sunny Florida! If you’ve been following our journey on facebook, you know we’ve been touring various parts of North America and the Middle East/Gulf Coast!!

After months on the road, we couldn’t be more grateful for all the new people we’ve met from around the world. Every single person has been absolutely incredible, which leads me to this week’s topic: building relationships.

What’s the difference between be a connector, networker, and relationship builder? Is there a difference and how do you become the best (or worst) at any one of them. Most importantly, why is this a vital skill to know!? (Tune in below to learn quick and powerful tips!)

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After our events in the Gulf Coast, helping people achieve Rapid Results in their life and business, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Keith Ferrazzi author of “Never Eat Alone” and “Who’s Got Your Back who is truly the most connected man on the planet. What’s most impressive, however, is that Keith has truly created relationships of depth, not just surface connections. If you haven’t read his books, you must. They are brilliant!

Today, here’s what you’re going to learn on the episode and in the DOWNLOAD on the blog: We focus on why building relationships are invaluable to your success in life and business. You’ll also learn an incredible valuable habit or skill to kick start building powerful relationships… before you even meet the person, say at a conference or an event (not in a creepy stalker mode kind of way!).

Sound a little outside of your comfort zone? Don’t worry! In this episode, Keith also shares brilliant insight on how to overcome fear of reaching out to someone new, if you are “shy” or an introvert.

So tune in, download the worksheet and enjoy learning how to truly make a lastly impression and connection with someone to not only help yourself grow, but to help others grow with you!

Enjoy & pay it forward! 

To your success,

Jairek Robbins

PS: Leave us a comment on the blog and share your favorite part of our interview!

PPS: Join us in Thailand this December!!! Our next Rapid Results Retreat is going to be mind blowing and totally jumpstart the new year for your life, love and business!!

Remember to download a copy of today’s JRCTv worksheet it is filled with great tips from keith and a special bonus!


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