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17 August 2016

How ZORO can help you achieve BIG results

Jairek Robbins

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In the movie, “The Mask of Zoro,” the opening scene begins with a guy struggling, frustrated and unable to achieve his goal. He starts to drink away his misery and that’s the moment he crosses paths with his teacher.


His teacher takes him back to a cave where he draws a circle on the ground and he says,

“Nothing in your life matters unless it’s inside this circle.”


What’s interesting is that, if you remember Zoro, you likely remember him as this wild, amazing man who fights  villains and is great with women. He wasn’t always this way…


[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/cm5S388rIEA” width=”540″]

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How did a guy transform from struggling, depressed and frustrated with life to someone who has mastered the skills to take on bad guys, defend the innocent and be so great with women with just the concept of a tiny little circle?


Here’s the life lesson: He was able to make a huge transformation in his life and achieve big results simply by focusing on only the small manageable, controllable tasks within the circle and mastering them. You can do the same. 


How does this relate to you and your goals?

So many people in the beginning, especially young people, get excited, ambitious, have huge goals that we want to accomplish. You start hearing stuff like “instead of trying to make a billion dollars, trying to change a billion lives”. This, too, is ambitious and a great goal to have, both altruistic and amazing. Unfortunately, these types of goal pose certain problems.


According to research, when people start off with such a big goal, though it’s exciting at first as they make progress and build momentum, when they hit a couple bumps in the road and a few things don’t work it starts to feel as if they are so far away from the peak of the mountain. It starts to feel like it’s not even worth continuing the climb. That’s exactly when people start to give up.


I remember a phrase, “many people die in their thirties but don’t bury until their eighties.” What does that mean?



It means is that people give up on their dreams, their goals and desires somewhere in their 30s and then just kind of exist through the rest of their life. The huge dream that they were once going after now seems so far away that its not even worth putting in the effort to try and get their. It seems hopeless. 



I want to prevent that from happening from you!


How do we prevent it? Start small. Start just with a little circle of what you can control and start building the confidence and the certainty through experience that you can absolutely make progress every single day.


For Big Results, Identify The Following:

  1. What are your long term goals – what do you want to achieve 20 years, 30 years, 40 years from now in the major categories of your life?
  2. What are the short term goals – what do you want to achieve in the next 30 days in each category of your life?


Start to link up in your mind everyday by doing the simple daily exercises each day it’s going to lead to that 20-year health goal. If you want more information about this, go to our book “Live It: Achieve Success By Living With Purpose” we give you lots of details of how to do all this.


What we want to do is to start setting up the little daily wins for yourself so you can feel the momentum building, feel the excitement behind it and keep making progress towards your dreams, goals and desires.


To your success,


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