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2 September 2014

How to Have the Mindset of the 1%, of a CHAMPION, and an MVP

Jairek Robbins


 As summer wraps up and fall quickly approaches, so does the final quarter of the year and in the US it’s the beginning of football season. So how’s this all related? 

Recently, I stumbled across a headline “Michael Sam cut by Rams“. Now you may have no idea who Sam is or what the Rams are, and that’s okay.  (It’s a NFL player who didn’t make the cut for the Rams, a NFL team)


The point is, it got me thinking about sports and the “game of life”. In sports, there are two major points in time that are arguably the most intense for a player: the final round of player cuts and the 4th quarter (or period).


So my question is, do you bring that same level of intensity to the game of life when it comes to fourth quarter? Or are you not even going to live to see the fourth quarter because you didn’t make the cut? More importantly, we are not talking about simply surviving, we are talking about thriving, being the 1%, being the MVP? 


Today we are talking about How to Have the Mindset of the 1%, of a CHAMPION, and the MVP of your team, relationship, life, and business!

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So as final cuts are being made in sports, where do you think your current mindset is at:

Are you just hoping to make the cut?

Do you know you’ll make the cut, but hope to win?

Or is making the cut and winning a absolute must, and you’re determined to be the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER?


If you haven’t even thought about this, it’s likely you’ll be sitting in the stands… 


Now in the game of life, much like sports, you can be cut from your job, your relationship, your family, or your business… heck you can even be cut from life if you don’t’ take care of your health.


If you aren’t fueling, training, practicing, and playing like an MVP, your future may not be so bright.


So this week (this month and event the rest of this year!) I want to challenge you to challenge yourself to play the game of life (in every area of your life) like an MVP!!! In today’s episode and download we’re going to cover exactly what it means to be an MVP, how to be an MVP, and exactly what areas in life we definitely want to focus on when it comes to being the Most Valuable Player!


I want you to be the MVP in all the major categories of life. To understand what I mean and how to apply this, check out today’s episode of JRCtv and definitely download the worksheet to be the MVP as it’ll talk about how to have the mindset of a Champion, an MVP.

To your success!

Jairek Robbins


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