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14 May 2014

How to Find Love – By Perfecting Your Stadium Pitch!

Jairek Robbins

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Over the years I have heard all the different advice on how to go out and find a relationship. I’ve also heard the advice that says just work on yourself and they should magically appear at the “right” time (that didn’t work either). So I decided to put together some tips that worked for me and has also worked for a handful of my personal coaching clients who were ready to make the transition from being single to finding the love of their life.

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The very first tip is to work on yourself (obviously)… once you get yourself put together and are ready to find the love of your life we then focus on your “Stadium pitch”. Traditionally this is a business exercise. I first learned about from my friend Amanda’s dad, Chet. When I saw him present this at a live event it was pretty funny.

He gave the instructions for people to stand up in front of the entire room and in 60 seconds tell everyone…

1. Who they were

2. What they did

3. Who their ideal client is

4. What value they wanted to add to their ideal client’s life/business


5. How they could get in contact with them to do business.

As he randomly picked people out of the audience to give their stadium pitch, it was hilarious. People would get handed the mic and stand there mumbling for 60 seconds. This would seem understandable, if these people were new to their company or were just getting used to a new brand message. The scary part is that most of these business owners had been in business for 5, 10 some even 20+ years and they were STILL struggling to voice to their ideal client a message that would naturally draw them in.

Interestingly enough, the same thing happens in relationships!!

People have been waiting to find the love of their life for 5,10 and even 20+ years not knowing how to articulate their vision in a way that would literally draw in the love of their life!

This pitch would be so clear and precise that if they were to share it with a stadium full of people, those in attendance would be able to both identify the exact person they are looking for as well as be able to bring them together!

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