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3 March 2015

How To Fight Fair In Relationships

Jairek Robbins



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“We don’t fight”
“Riiiiggghhhttt. Everybody fights. I’m sure you’ve had at least one fight…”
“We DON’T fight. I mean it.”


I could have said it a hundred more times and you’d think I was speaking Mandarin because nobody was understanding the concept.


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When it comes to our relationship, Amanda and I don’t fight. It’s not our thing, never has been. Some find it unbelievable, so I wanted to share some insight on the topic in today’s JRCtv.


Every relationship has their problems, challenges and disagreements. How you choose to navigate a problem is up to you and your significant other. Thus, fighting is a choice. For us, we choose not to fight.


What about you?

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“Sure, but no one wants to fight. It’s just what happens…”
“What happens when?? When you choose to react a certain way out of habit rather than choice? You see, it’s easier to throw a fit and fight that you’re right and they’re wrong rather than communicate by listening, understanding, and sharing.”


What really causes a lot of pain and damage to a relationship is when you both have different meanings for fighting. Furthermore, if you both have different ways of sorting out problems it can lead to an even bigger mess than what you started with.


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Today on JRCtv we are Learning HOW to fight and understanding the meaning and rules for fighting in your relationship. You’ll learn strategies to help you quickly and smoothly get through any problem with your partner.


Regardless of your meaning on the topic of fighting (when, where, how, and why)… What’s most important is getting on the same page as your partner.


Be sure to grab today’s download with loads of helpful tools and questions for you and your significant other can get on the same page and minimize any blowouts, confusion, and misery when the inevitable disagreement happens.
To your success,

Jairek Robbins


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