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3 January 2017

How to Deepen Your Happiness, Health and Fulfillment

Jairek Robbins

My Wife Was Shocked.


“What do you mean “Not everyone wants to be happy?” Amanda asked as she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. It was clear my wife was completely shocked by the idea that not everyone wants to be happy.


The truth is, happiness or the idea of being happy, doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. It’s also not valued the same for everyone. (Don’t miss the worksheet below we created for you to dive deep into this topic!)


Some people value peace more than happiness. For others it’s feeling productive that means most to them. Thus, they strive for different things in life, value experiences differently…

Happiness isn’t one size fits all.


Likewise, health isn’t one size fits all either.  (Related:James Altucher on Reinventing Yourself)


Today we are digging deeper into what happiness, health, and fulfillment mean to you.

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It’s completely different for each and every person. Don’t believe me? Download today’s worksheet and do it with a partner. You’ll learn a lot about each other and yourself.


This clarity will help you get better aligned with your outcomes, strategy, and improve your overall experience of life.


Tune in below to learn more about two excellent tech toys I’m hooked on right now for better mental clarity AND how to catch myself from falling into a stressed state, so I can stay more relaxed or focused when I need to be in a peak performance state.


To your success,



Download Your Happiness, Health and Fulfillment Worksheet!

JRCtv Episode Transcription: 


Hey there, welcome back to another episode of JRCTV. Today we’re focused on how to help you become more happy, healthy and more fulfilled.


So when we’re thinking about happiness, healthiness, and more fulfillment in our lives, what does that even mean to you? I’d love it if you grab a copy of today’s worksheet off the blog, and fill in those first couple of paragraphs that say, how do you define happiness in your life?


Now I know for me, happiness is the ability to just really truly know in my heart and soul that I’m blessed, that I have an opportunity to serve in some way, and that really truly I’m giving my all each day. When I know those things are true for me, I’m happy. Because I’m living fully, I’m loving deeply, I’m giving my all.


Now health – how do I know when I’m healthy and that’s the next question for you. How do you know you’re healthy? What is health to you? Health is the ability to maximize my mind, my body, my emotions – to maximize every ounce of possibility that I’m capable of each day. So when I think of health, I think of physical health, emotional health and spiritual health.


I look at all those categories in my life and I look for ways to maximize them. So in those next couple of paragraphs, list not only what is health to you, but how will you use that philosophy to guide your daily actions. And what are your goals coming up in 2017 so you can make the most out of it?


Finally fulfillment, what does fulfillment mean to you? Fulfillment to me is knowing that I made a positive difference for at least one person’s life today. As long as I’ve done that, I feel fulfilled. I feel joy and pure fulfillment in my life. I know I’m at peace because if I were to go out today and know I made a difference, I did what I was meant to do. So what does fulfillment mean to you? Answer that on the worksheet.


And what we really want to focus on, besides answering these questions and helping you figure out what is happiness to you, is what is your strategy or philosophy of how you will go about applying that each day and really maximizing your own personal happiness, and what are your goals in this area? How do you want to expand and improve?


My belief is everything in life is either growing or dying. So if you’re like, “Hey I’m happy. I’m good”. And if you’re not working on improving that happiness, finding more happiness, creating more fulfillment and joy and happiness and health in your life, then you’re letting it slide. Little by little, it’s falling apart.


I remember a long time ago, I was learning how to stack lumber up in Canada and an axe guy told me to go and cut this tree. He was pointing at this tree over on the little side there. So I went over and I wound up and took a huge swing; I hit it and the axe went straight through and almost hit me. They were all laughing their faces off.


I said “Why the heck would you tell me to do that for?” And they said “Oh not as tough to cut down as you thought, huh?” They were teasing me but what was interesting was the tree on the outside looked strong and really, really like it was going to take a lot of energy to break through with an axe. But on the inside, over time, it had rotted away. So it was hollow on the inside.


And a lot of people, when it comes to happiness, health and fulfillment – on the outside, they look good. They act strong. They seem happy. But on the inside, they’re slowly rotting away like that tree, only to be left with an external shell that survives the next 40 years of their life. I’ve heard it said that most people die in their 30s, but are buried in their 80s.


Don’t be one of those people. Figure out a way to always improve that happiness in your life. Always improve your fulfillment. Always improve your health. And if you’re always working on maximizing these and growing them, you’ll always find a way to find more of them in your life, if you’re focused on them and working towards them daily.


Tune into today’s video learn two tools that could help, that I use everyday AND don’t forget to download today’s worksheet to dive deep into these topics to deepen your health, happiness, and fulfillment.



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