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23 January 2018

[INTERVIEW with Eric Thomas] How To Achieve Lasting Success & Avoid Burnout

Jairek Robbins



Imagine it has always been your dream of running the marathon.


You have been a casual runner all your life on and off.


It is a dream of yours, something you have wanted in that secret part of your heart, but you never pursued it. Then one day you shared it with a friend and they say to you: “WHAT? I didn’t know that was a dream of yours! I can help make that happen, there’s a city marathon tomorrow and I can secure us two spots!”


At this point the longest you have ever run is 10 miles – wouldn’t it be unrealistic for you to be able to successfully run 26.2 miles with no preparation? If you said yes to that offer, would it be realistic for you to achieve the level of success you have always dreamed of? Probably not.


The same goes for all of our personal and physical goals. Many times we take on challenges and immediately want to go for GOLD – we want to RUN before we have even mastered WALKING.


We dive into this topic with special guest Eric Thomas – aka The Hip Hop Preacher – and he goes into detail about his journey and how he helps people create their journey in a way that honors where they are and creates a plan for them to experience lasting success.


In this interview you will learn:


This is a truly inspiring conversation as we touch on how to apply this in all areas of life for your physical goals, relationship goals, and mental goals.


Check it out below. 



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To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins

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