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24 February 2011

How can you add more PASSION to your life!?

Jairek Robbins

I was out on my daily run feeling EXCITED and PASSIONATE about starting my day…
When I realized that there are very specific activities I do just about every morning to ensure I start my day in a powerful mental and emotional state!

I have 3 questions for you to consider…(watch below)


YouTube Video

Here is what I do daily…
1. Hydrate the moment I wake up (8 oz. + of water)
2. 10 deep breaths (5 seconds in, 15 seconds hold, 10 seconds out)
3. 2-3 mile run
4. 5-20 min of visualization of my goals for the day!

Those are my steps to juicing up my morning!!

What do you do to create more passion in your mornings!?!?

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