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20 September 2017

Free Yourself: 3 Steps to Overcome Unwanted Anger

Jairek Robbins


Hello From San Diego!


It’s a very special time being back where Amanda and I first met. Each day we get to walk past the house where we first met. Amazing how fast time flies by when you are sharing it with that special someone!


Sharing your life with someone you love changes your perspective on a lot of things. It turns your life upside down in the best of ways and we start looking for ways to be better, perform better so that we can share the best of ourselves with that person. It also opens our eyes to the other people in our life and our relationship with them. 


Is there someone in your life, where every time you think of them or their name comes up, you find yourself getting irritated or it immediately triggers negative emotions? It may be time for some healing.


In today’s vlog we discover practical ways to overcome those emotions as the first step towards healing yourself and that relationship. We are sharing tools on how to identify the source of anger and how to overcome it.

If you know someone who is struggling with how to overcome the anger that’s holding you back from healing an important relationship, share this with them. 

We would love to hear your feedback!


To your success,


Jairek Robbins

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