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1 April 2019

Ep 75 – Marly Q. Casanova – The World Needs More Of… Parkers

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Marly Q. Casanova

Age: 35 years

Location: Miami, FL

Bio: Marly Q. is an award-winning Event Creator, Yoga Teacher, Non-Profit Coach and Inspirational Speaker who recently delivered a TEDx talk titled “Kindness is your Superpower”. In 2010, she founded a non-profit and volunteer-driven movement called PARK Project & since then has been on a mission to inspire people to PARK (Perform Acts of Random Kindness) worldwide.

The World Needs More:

1. The world needs more PARKers! (people who Perform Acts of Random Kindness)

WOW factor: My WOW factor might just be that I actually believe that KINDNESS IS MY SUPERPOWER and that changing the state of our inner world (and outer world) can be as simple as BEING THE SPARK and remembering to PARK (Perform Acts of Random Kindness) for yourself and others every day.

Favorite Color: Yellow 🙂

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