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27 March 2019

Ep 74 – Roxan McDonald – What Does The World Need More Of… Ferocious Gratitude

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Roxan McDonald

Age: 44 years

Location: Bay Area, California

Bio: Roxan McDonald is a writer, workshop facilitator, and coach. After fourteen years working on the front lines of addiction, trauma recovery and gang diversion Roxan quit the nonprofit world to dedicate herself to full-time writing and spreading her brand of edgy, playful, often irreverent spirituality and personal development. She launched the Instagram account @Spiritual_AF in 2013 which has gone on to gain over 79K devoted followers. In March 2019 Roxan and Knock Knock Publishing will release two decks of cards offering hundreds of ways for people to either be grateful AF or spiritual AF. Roxan is currently finishing a memoir about her own trauma recovery and battle with addiction.

The World Needs More Of:

1. Ferocious gratitude.

2. Playfulness.

3. Self-help without the self-helpy-ness.

Wow Factor: A nun once told me that “Wow.” is the most pure prayer we can say. Wow reminds me to marvel at the beauty of the world and the creatures in it. Wow helps me be present and not back away from moments that seem inexplicably and unfairly difficult. Wow reminds me that I can be surprised by joy and beautiful just as easily as I can be surprised by chaos and heartbreak. The wow prayer has kept me right-sized over a lifetime of roller coaster ups and downs.

Favorite Color: Grey

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