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10 September 2018

Ep 7 – Steve Fink – The World Needs More… Love + Understanding + Oneness

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Steve Fink

Age: 22 years old

Location: Washington, DC

Bio: Steve Fink is a 22 year old entrepreneur. Early in life, my family and I were homeless living from one hotel to another. Now, Steve is working towards a future where he can impact the lives of others while living life to the fullest.

What the world needs more of:

1. Faith in themselves

2. Love

3. Understanding

What is your WOW factor: Being homeless. Going through that really shaped the way I look at my future. Going to Cali was the best experience of my life. It literally taught me that the journey is what really matters. It grew my love for travel but taught me to be patient and think things through.

Favorite Color: Blue


Key Moments: 


[spp-timestamp time=”00:56″]  – Host Jairek Robbins Introduction

[spp-timestamp time=”01:03″] – Introducing Special Guest Steven Fink

[spp-timestamp time=”01:12″] – What does the world need more of?

[spp-timestamp time=”01:18″] – The world needs more love

[spp-timestamp time=”02:19″] – How do you Ripple that around you ?

[spp-timestamp time=”02:27″] – Judgement detox

[spp-timestamp time=”02:46″] – Woah dude, I love them

[spp-timestamp time=”03:05″] – Everybody wants to be listened to

[spp-timestamp time=”03:30″] – I love talking to people!

[spp-timestamp time=”03:42″] – What is your WOW Factor?

[spp-timestamp time=”04:00″] – We were homeless four times

[spp-timestamp time=”04:55″] – My dad asked me, why are you so happy?

[spp-timestamp time=”05:22″] – Kicked out with no savings

[spp-timestamp time=”05:36″] – Living at my girlfriends parents house

[spp-timestamp time=”06:00″] – I could have had a way better attitude towards my parents

[spp-timestamp time=”06:20″] – Worked at GameStop

[spp-timestamp time=”06:30″] – Working at a Beer Company

[spp-timestamp time=”07:12″] – Friend committed suicide

[spp-timestamp time=”08:00″] – Being a workaholic

[spp-timestamp time=”08:10″] – Quit my job to be closer to my friends and family

[spp-timestamp time=”09:10″] – Moving to a Marijuana Farm in California

[spp-timestamp time=”09:36″] – Burned the boats and all the bridges

[spp-timestamp time=”10:14″] – Listen to your gut

[spp-timestamp time=”10:55″] – Working at a Boxing Gym

[spp-timestamp time=”11:50″] – You have to do what you have to do

[spp-timestamp time=”12:05″] – Read Think and Grow Rich 21 Times !

[spp-timestamp time=”13:38″] – Depression comes from the past, anxiety comes from the future but when you live in the present that’s when you experience peace

[spp-timestamp time=”14:20″] – Learned the value of a dollar

[spp-timestamp time=”15:04″] – If I could just find a dollar for a burrito!

[spp-timestamp time=”15:30″] – What’s a moment that has made you incredibly humble?

[spp-timestamp time=”15:55″] – Journey to California

[spp-timestamp time=”16:26 “]- Much more to life than Working and Money

[spp-timestamp time=”17:20”] – Horrible feeling, what  do I do?

[spp-timestamp time=”17:40 “]- My friend reached out to me

[spp-timestamp time=”18:00″] – You’re only three feet away from  gold

[spp-timestamp time=”18:25″] – Love the process, live everyday to its fullest

[spp-timestamp time=”18:50″] – Something kicks you right in the face

[spp-timestamp time=”19:04″] – Keep moving forward!

[spp-timestamp time=”19:46”] – What’s an awe inspiring moment?

[spp-timestamp time=”20:04 “]- Bought a six-pack for the very first time

[spp-timestamp time=”20:54″] – It could be way worse man

[spp-timestamp time=”21:16″] – Everyone has a story to tell

[spp-timestamp time=”21:50″] – Get momentum going to turn into a train !

[spp-timestamp time=”22:12″] – Hardest part is the first steps

[spp-timestamp time=”22:27″] – Oh Consistency, I’ll learn one day

[spp-timestamp time=”22:40″] – Showing up

[spp-timestamp time=”23:07″] – What’s your greatest fear?

[spp-timestamp time=”23:35″] – Tomorrow isn’t promised

[spp-timestamp time=”24:22″] – Death Shows up when you least expect it

[spp-timestamp time=”24:43″] – So hard when people say I’m bored

[spp-timestamp time=”25:05”] – Take time to write a list of everything you ever wanted to do in your life and always keep it with you!

[spp-timestamp time=”26:06 “]- What are you excited for in the future?

[spp-timestamp time=”26:12″] – Helping people hit their life long dreams !

[spp-timestamp time=”27:00″] – Documenting the process

[spp-timestamp time=”28:10″] – Learning, Growing and Giving

[spp-timestamp time=”28:42″] – Where do you invest in majority of your time in ?

[spp-timestamp time=”29:04″] – Time in the Company, People & Nature

[spp-timestamp time=”30:05″] – What’s the key to your success?

[spp-timestamp time=”30:10″] – Your routine, Visualization, Meditation and Staying busy

[spp-timestamp time=”31:10″] – You are your biggest investment

[spp-timestamp time=”31:24″] – Hate conflict

[spp-timestamp time=”31:58”] – Winning and Learning

[spp-timestamp time=”32:06 “]- One thing people can do to feel positivity in their life

[spp-timestamp time=”33:20″] – You have only one life

[spp-timestamp time=”33:30″] – Thank you so much! Dream big and Take action!

[spp-timestamp time=”34:09”] – Remember, on your journey KEEP MOVING FORWARD !

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