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25 February 2019

Ep 64 – Troy Olds — What The World Needs More Of … People who understand that they matter.

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Troy Olds

Age: 47 years

Location: Boise, Idaho

Bio: Troy teaches entrepreneurs and high achievers to optimize their brains & bodies so they can build stronger businesses and communities. Better sleep & self care Better nutrition & supplementation Better strength & movement Better breathing & meditation

The world needs more: I believe the world needs more people who understand that they matter and that they are always making an impact in the world whether positive or negative. That they change the world every time they change their minds. I believe the world needs more people practicing and teaching how to use the mind & body to affect change in their own lives as well as the world they live in. It is learnable and we live in the most amazing time where internal exploration has become an exciting adventure producing extraordinary change. If we are going to take something mainstream, let it be to practice and teach the exploration of that kingdom of heaven of our own conscious and unconscious mind.

Wow factor: I make others feel safe so that we can have vulnerable and authentic conversations in which we explore new ways to live our lives more responsibly and awake to what life can teach us. Pain and the process of moving through it have been my greatest teachers. Deep pain has given me the eyes to feel extraordinary joy, hear my intuition and understand the empathy I’ve always experienced. With those life experiences and a constant seeking out of coaches & associations who live lives I respect, I learn from them and continue to create a life that looks more and more like that of the vision I hold in my mind of my higher self.

Favorite Color: What’s the name of the color of a sunset? That’s my favorite color

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