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28 December 2018

Ep 54 – Mark Ormrod – The World Needs More Of … Kindness + Gratitude

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Mark Ormrod

Age: 35 years old

Location: United Kingdom

Bio: Former Royal Marines Commando UK’s First Triple Amputee From Afghanistan Father Of 3 Award Winning Author

The World Needs More: I’m not sure what the word is, maybe gratitude but people need to be much more aware of the good in there lives and focus on that instead of the bad.

WOW Factor: Well as it says in my bio I was the UK’s first triple amputee from Afghanistan which sent me on a huge journey of self-discovery as well as on a mission to find a mentor. I’ve been wheelchair free since June 9th, 2009, held down a full-time job since July 2010, fathered 2 more children since being injured and became a mini-entrepreneur in the process because I was trying to show people that life doesn’t end when you face challenges, it just forces you to be more resourceful and to figure ways around lives obstacles.

Favorite Color: Yellow

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