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5 December 2018

Ep 44 – Kermit Miller – The World Needs More… Civility + Respect + Honesty + Morals + Ethics

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Kermit Miller

Age: 73 years young

Location: Postville, Iowa

Bio: I grew up on an Iowa farm, served in the Vietnam war, Then came back to the farm where we produced milk, beef, and pork. We were forced out of farming during the farm crisis and reinvented my self as a real estate broker and then a licensed insurance agent and financial planner. During the 80’s recession we began to acquire rental property and later in the 2000s began developing properties and building homes. I have also been involved in several direct marketing companies with moderate success. Today I am involved in bringing a new asphalt and concrete sealer to market and distributing it nationwide. I have a wonderful wife and 4 children with 12 amazing grandchildren which I love to entertain.

The world needs more: The world needs more patience, respect, and appreciation and love. In our fast internet on-demand world, we have become impatient and too demanding of perfection from our fellow man. We forget to enjoy the experience of life and the journey itself. We often get caught up in the demands of life and fail to take time for those we love.

Favorite Color: Sky blue

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