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17 September 2018

Ep 10 – Lauren Eliz Love – The World Needs More… Acceptance + Understanding + Compassion

Jairek Robbins

Guest: Lauren Eliz Love

Age: 29 years old

Location: Connecticut, CT

Bio: Lauren Eliz Love is the founder of @badassbusinessbabe an online brand that offers business coaching for women ready to scale their passion online. Working in the coaching industry for more than five years, Lauren has helped thousands of women shift into financial freedom by becoming personal influencers online.


The world needs more:

1. Acceptance 

2. Understanding

3. Compassion

WOW factor: My wow factor is my vulnerability. My ability to wear my heart on my sleeve and be me without caring what other people think. I feel like there needs to be more of that in the world.

Favorite Color: Tiffany blue


Key Moments:


[00:56] – Host Jairek Robbins Introduction

[01:05] – Introducing Special Guest Lauren Eliz Love

[01:15] – What do you believe the world needs more of?

[01:38] – Love and Compassion

[01:55] – What was your experience In coming to a point in your life when those two things stood out the most?

[02:08] – Once I’m successful enough I’ll be happy, Making all the wrong choices for just approval and acceptance

[03:17] – Everything I needed was already Within Me

[03:35] – I stopped looking for it in all the wrong places and I created it for myself instead

[04:06] – Spent 30 seconds staring straight into the eyes of the Soul and saying I love you

[04:55] – What’s your WOW factor?

[05:34] – Who do I want to be today? How do I want to live and what do I need to do to make that happen?

[06:37] – If you want to receive love you got to show up and give it

[07:04] – What are some moments that helped shape this Factor?

[08:24] – What would the world be like if that person actually opens up and tells you what’s going on ?

[08:57] – If I share who I truly am I will always be enough, supported, loved and safe

[09:22] – Sometimes our greatest lessons are wrapped in sandpaper

[09:43] – Young and sexually assaulted, never told my family

[10:21] – Sharing who they truly are, why can’t I do that?

[10:48] – The second I share and open up I start to heal

[11:06] – It takes a ridiculous amount of guts to stand up and say what’s real

[12:00] – Unique moment at this time in history, when someone is willing to give you that space to share

[12:25] – Everyone has something to share!

[12:51] – Understanding of intentions

[13:17] – Maybe I can overcome it because that person did

[13:31] – Openness with a intention

[13:45] – Point in time in history where intentions matter

[15:38] – Pitchfork and torches come out and they going to get them

[16:05] – Buckets of people

[17:36] – Ever listen to a podcast and start crying because the emotion it makes you feel?

[18:14] – Man working for other people

[18:31] – The ability to stand up and be able to say I really screwed up

[19:29] – Wide variety of buckets people live in [19:38] – WOW factor ability to share with intention
[19:55] – What’s a moment that made you feel incredibly humble?

[20:14] – Trying to create wealth with the intention of joy

[21:01] – See women in person at this event to connect and grow

[21:30] – Feeling of gratitude and appreciation in the moment

[22:10] – Living on the floor at my boyfriend’s parents house

[22:27] – The joy of experiences is what life is truly about!

[23:00] – Life is so different when you can experience joy and love instead of fear and pressure each day

[23:10] – More and more people are realizing sooner, “ I don’t know if this is it, I don’t know if this is where the magics at ! “

[24:25] – Getting to eat at a restaurant was a privilege

[25:30] – What would be your purpose of service in this world?

[25:57] – Taking a course  in values

[27:14] – Wow I can choose to work where I can express Myself as a human!

[28:00] – What’s an Awe inspiring moment ?

[29:17] – Homeless man in Chicago and boxes of cereal

[30:42] – When we don’t have a lot we realize how much we really have

[31:50] – What’s your greatest fear?

[31:55] – Create all my success and not be fulfilled

[33:49] – Growing a business entity is the biggest personal development challenge of the century

[34:20] – Is this going to work? Am I going to wake up tomorrow and is there going to be money in the bank?

[34:58] – Recognizing there’s a fear

[35:22] – God use me for your purpose

[36:50] – What are you most excited for in the future?

[37:06] – My excitement is in the unknown!

[37:15] – Got married in April!

[37:47] – Yeah Anything Could Happen! Anything is possible

[38:25] – Gratitude for where things are going

[38:41] – Second Segment Nuts and Bolts

[38:57] – Where do you focus the majority of your time in?

[39:13] – Spend my time in service

[39:42] – Spending time on me and my husband

[40:28] – Signed up for a year-long personal development Journey

[41:06] – What is one of the keys to your success this process?

[41:12] – Personal growth 100%

[41:40] – Have to master myself

[42:18] – What areas of my life are not where they need to be?

[42:55] – I love it, I love it! I love it!

[43:19] – What is one Actionable tip?

[43:30] – Get out a journal and ask yourself what is my soul craving more of right now?

[44:11] – If money were No Object how would I be living  my life right now ?

[44:40] – Find an open space, repeat the question and let that question settle in

[44:58] – The Third Third

[45:33] – Figure out what your soul is really craving

[46:46] – Do something about it!

[48:09] – Take any small action, any little thing

[48:35] – You’re not going to get there laying on the couch looking at your vision board singing Kumbaya

[48:59] – Thank you for sharing!

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[49:58] – Thank you for tuning in! See you on the next episode!

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